Something is the matter with my leaves

Hey Mark, hit me up on IG, please.

What you use for nutes depends on how you want to grow. A lot of people are jumping onto the Jack’s nutrients lately with good results. They are easy to use. If you are happy with Fox Farms stick with them. You do what’s best for you!!
Hope the pain gets better. Peace…

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Hey Debbie-
You can do what I do sometimes- when I can’t sleep I type from bed! You can get all the pillows like you like them and curl up with good company! Just a thought. Have a great day and weekend!! Peace…

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Don’t have a laptop, just PC and phone, with phone brand new broke the screen so hard to read and type on screen I usually talk to text but the new autocorrect is even worse than the old autocorrect and I have little patience with correcting. I also would love that, but I am hardly ever in bed, even tho I have a new adjustable frame and my bed is comfy and it smells SO FREAKING GOOD in there. I sleep mostly on the couch in the recliner. I sleep in small segments not like for a whole night at a time so even trying to sleep in the bed I end up on the couch just out of muscle memory, I guess. I can’t sleep flat so the bed was not working for me until I got the adjustable frame and by that time I was just used to sleeping on the couch, which I don’t want to do really as that wears it out and it’s a really nice couch. Man, I can just go on and on forever and not shut up, but you lucked out and I can’t sit here anymore. Thanks for being you

Doin great! So, You want to start a new round with all you’ve learned and you want to use old soil?
How about just the FF and 25% perlite.
That’s simple!!
And you really did well with FF nutes and your getting used to ph’n so if you still have some left I would stick with until it’s used up.
Tho Jacks is easy to use, you use it at every watering because feeding levels are light and consistent so a little MORE work as far as getting a every other feeding you do with FF and others.
Ofcourse if you use the FF soil, brand new, you don’t any of the nutes for the first 6 weeks depending how much water you use when watering. As I’ve mentioned to you previously before, I like to stay on a every 2 day schedule so I can plan my life around the plants!!
Goodluck @DebbieM, your almost there!!!


I wasn’t thinking of it as old soil, this was a very nice soil with nutrients in it also and it has been sealed up, so it’s not dried out and has a very nice texture, it’s good stuff with lots of peat and worm castings and all that good stuff feeds up to 3 months, what I used on Clara. Which was so much nicer than what I used on Sprout, but I didn’t pick that dirt. I was thinking of adding the ffof in just cuz lots of ppl do and nobody has not liked it so far. And there’s a difference in the buds, also, couple of Sprouts buds got accidently trimmed off and they are light and airy where Clara is dense and hard and heavy
I took Clara out of the test last night and took some pictures over and now I can’t figure out which ones or what

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