Something is happening to my plant?


Ok, thank you for the help.


Ooh, good call! On that note: you will see some grow threads or videos of growers defoliating their plants. IF this is done; it’s done within days of harvest. Remember that the leaves are producing the sugars needed for the flower to bulk up. (Among other things) Until they yellow and drop off just leave them. The yellowing indicates nitrogen is being pulled from the leaves and being consumed by your plant: a good thing!

There are some serious growers that don’t follow the current nutrient recommendations and instead provide enough N to keep the plants green longer into flower. But it’s best to follow a grow schedule/nutrient schedule published by the manufacturer until you feel more comfortable around your plants.


My error. I read the Grow Bible and a hundred other things. What you’re saying makes good sense. My interpretation of what I read was about the plant using resources that would otherwise be directed to the other (healthy) parts of the plant.

I will just keep an eye on them and watch for changes. Thanks.



Wow! That is a great guide to help diagnose problems. Thanks for the info!


I’m just passing it along…keep passing. :man_farmer:


Mine look just like that.

this is hps lights. I had a lil nute burn on the tips mine are starting to come along. Good luck and happy growing :v::call_me_hand:


As suggested, I just watered twice after it was determined to be nute burn on the tips, they have sprung to life in flower. One of my plants grew 1” stretching toward the 600w light. They are doing well. Drinking 1/2 gal every other day so far. Week two of flower. Pics to come.


These are the two plants. One is short and fat (more buds) and the other is taller and skinny. Seems like most couples (LOL). Watering 1 qt water, then 2 qts Bergmans Flower. PH tonight was 6.5 coming out. Seems ok. They are both happy ! (Everyone who is on this thread can take credit for that !)