Something Is happening to its Leaves. I have added nutrients and sprayed it with Physon 20. Can anyone please tell me whats going on?

That’s disturbing. Why did you use the Physon?

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antifungul I thought that might be the problem

I’m confused. You had the problem and then you sprayed and fed it? Did you feed it before?

The quality of your pictures is probably not going to be conducive to any kind of diagnoses. There is a halo of blur. Do you have another camera? Can you upload a clear shot of the complete plant and closeups of the dying areas?


My leaves are turning yellow what am I doing wrong

First, start a new topic. Second, upload a clear picture of the plant and any problem areas. Lastly, describe the plant, it’s age, growing medium, feed or fertilizer and anything you think might be helpful.

See you over in the new topics.

of course, I added lime thinking it might need nutrients that want in the regular food. I have seen online that fungus can do the same thing but I have sprayed for it twice