Something is eating her

I have not sprayed anything yet. What is this eating her. How do I treat it.

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Check under leaves or before lights on.

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I dont believe it looks loke something is eating the leaves. Looks to me like they r just hrowing all wonky and what bot. Whats ph and ppm readings on runoff water. Looks loke a deficiency problem to me

6.5 ph 650 ppm or like 1.3 and what color light can I use for dark hours to look around?

Green. Good Luck I believe u gots a water problem, ph n r ppm out. If u gots meters use’em if not get’em👽

What medium u growing n? How far along r they? Reach out to the many people here on the forum, they’r more than happy to help…again good luck…:v::v::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::alien:

I have most of the ticket at my first grow with ilgm

Got it will check it out…:+1::alien: