Something is eating at my Queen of Hearts

Hello out there, I have something munching my leaves. I don’t think it’s a big problem, at least not yet. She is almost six ft tall now, and after pruning some of the lower branches, she is filli

ng in nicely. Here are some pics of the damage. I guess I just need a recommendation on what to buy to kill the critters. Thanks in advance. I hope she starts to flower soon. I’m in Vermont and fall comes early around here.

Sm90 works great for killing most small insects and doesn’t harm your plant

Nutrilife SM-90 Plant Growth Fertilizer, 1-Liter

It’s not pH prefect though so if you apply it in the morning I would wash it off in the evening

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Thanks @TDubWilly


Spinosad (Captain Jack’s) and BtK (Safer) are also good but take time: they are bacteria harmless to humans and pets and plants but when an insect consumes plant material it multiplies in the insect’s gut and produces a toxic chemical that kills it. Takes 4 or 5 days but is almost the only thing you can use during flower. Neem oil and Dawn dish soap sprayed while in veg will help too but needs to be re applied every 7 to 10 days.

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I’ve used sm90 before and never washed it off and was fine but @Niala always told me it was better to wash it off because of pH.

@Myfriendis410 had plants outside more than me to you might consider some of the products he is talking about

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She hasn’t gone into flower yet, is there anything I could use that would work fast ? I did try a spray called Dr.Earth /Final Stop. It’s organic, and has six different oils in it. I sprayed the entire plant on two separate occasions, has not cured the problem. We have had a lot of rain in the last couple of weeks, I guess it got washed away.

I just read my last comment and realized how stupid it sounds . I guess I was just a little shook up that something is attacking my Queen. Sorry about that guys. I really appreciate your advce. @TDubWilly @Myfriendis410


I use neem oil. Sprayed on at least 1xweek until flower. I usually have a few leaves that get nibbled, but nothing stays put.

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I did not actually see any of the little buggers that did the damage. Can anyone out there tell what kind of critter might doing this. They must be coming out at night.

@Pat2 Some people do not like to dust but I’ve dusted with 7 Seven and it helps get to the problem. Then switch to neem oil and or safe brand caterpillar killer. Good luck.

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I’m guessing “7” is some sort of toxic pesticide ? I’m all for that, just don’t want to harm the Queen. Still plenty of time before harvest. She is just starting to show signs of going into flower. @Downsouth

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Yes; Sevin is a toxic pesticide but done correctly is safe around fruits and vegetables. You can get away with a lot more when the plant is in veg than when she’s starting to flower. The best thing you can do is use horticulture screen (or cloth) bags and encapsulate the plants. Light can get through but bugs can’t lay eggs on it.

I live in SoCal and Raper butterflies and Louper moths are the main culprit. That and mites.

Yup. Looks too me like someone has been buffeting your babies. Hard to guess what it coupd be but they are eating alot. Id get a flash light n check under all leaves. My first guess… some kinda caterpillar (i know i know personal beef :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) food grade de on the top of the soil stops them from crawling thru ur soil

Maybe cutter bee’s…
That’s what it looks like anyways…
Pray that it’s not cattirpillers or moths…

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Caterpillars will stay in one location and eat a bunch in one place. Easy to find them, they have short legs and can’t run very well. Leaf cutter bees are another situation. They will hit in different locations. So, that is easy to determine. Plenty of sprays that will end that problem.

Thanks @tanlover442 We have been getting so much heavy rain lately that the spray must be getting washed off. I will keep spraying, and hope for some sunny weather.

Another beautiful day in Vermont (90 degrees & 96% RH) , at least the sun is shining strong today. We have had a lot of heavy rain lately, so the Queen of Hearts is luvin this, and reaching to a little over six feet, for that sunshine. I think it’s little flies, that have been munching on her. I sprayed her this morning, and if it would stop raining for a couple of days, I might have that problem under control.

I am really happy with all the new growth , since I took off some of the branches that were really close to the ground. I’m wish she would start flowering, I’m really nervous about havesting in Oct. Frost on the “pumpkin” is one thing, but frost on a “bud” would be a disaster. Some pics of new growth :slight_smile: @Budbrother @Drinkslinger @tanlover442 @Myfriendis410 @MBgrower @Stomper @TDubWilly @PurpNGold74 @Downsouth


@Pat2 - She is absolutely Beautiful. I grow outside also and from New England, MA , so we should be on the same growing cycle. I have 14 more plants to finish and harvest , they just started showing signs of flowering this week. I bet yours have also , if you look closely you should start seeing white pistons [however spelled], they look like little white hairs on the branches , where the leaves meet the branch !!! She will start the flowering stage as soon as the Day’s get shorter , she will automatically switch when she gets 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of dark. She’s going to be very good to you with a GREAT yield.
Great Job , she looks so Happy and Healthy. If you can remember to tag me , I’d love watch her grow to her full potential. I love this Forum , everyone is super nice and willing to help and share their knowledge and experiences.
I know there’s a way for me to follow you but after 2 years I still can’t figure out how to do it.



My outdoor sativa also is starting to make preflowers and im down in Mississippi. She is also in a partially shaded area. But we get great sun hours. Should be soon. Also if its 90 degrees and 94 RH… its a blessing and a curse for a late flower. That humidity and heat would absolutely kill your terpenes (flavor) and possibly rot ur buds. I dont even let my auto outside on days like today. She is bout 2 weeks into flower and im just not taking that chance.

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@MBgrower , Thanks MB, you have a lot of experience, about how much will my Queen yield me do yu think ? I know it would be a guess. She is an Indica, from a random seed that I must have saved because the weed was good. She came from 1 of 6 seeds that I had in my top drawer. I don’t know how long I had them, but I germinated all six. I have two Sativas & two Indicas in the house, and my Queen in the garden. The other one was a male.

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