Something is amiss here

Hello, I am a fairly new grower/patient and i ordered a variety pack of autoflower seeds and a 5 pack of female Gold-leaf and the first problem i had was 11 seeds would not germinate, I’m using DWC and followed all your growing guidlines, I even used a heating pad no good, I tested the water and the ph is okay 7.0 i have a 5’x5’x6’ grow tent, I’m employing 2- 2000 watt LED lights set for vegetation and 1 5000 watt LED light. The 9 seedlings that did sprout were dead within 6 weeks.!


Does anyone know why this had happened? I used to have a setup with 1000 HPS lamp and that plants was finished at 8ft high indoors so I’m thinking perhaps i need another one until said plants have gone through vegetation and employ the LED for flowering or what?
Thank You - Dean

I can’t be sure what happened, no environment information, air pump CFM if any, no water temps, and it could be any single one of those things, or all of them.
I want to help, to improve your grow next time, but there’s not enough information in the post to know what went wrong.

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If your DWC pH is 7.0, you need to readjust your reservoir and start again.

5.5-6.0 is the sweet spot and your 7.0pH water is too high.