Something eating my leaves

I thought it was just dirt but maybe I’m wrong. The macro lenses included with my kit are crap. My wife’s phone did a great job for a cell phone at least. What should I be looking for? I didn’t see any white eggs. Are these red or brown spots from leaf miners? I don’t see any aphids anywhere nor have I seen any caterpillars. I did just buy some sticky traps. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Better pics.

Is she flowering or still vegging?


I can’t offer any help, but I am curious to see what the pros say.

Looks an awful lot like caterpillar poop. Is this indoors or outdoors?

If it’s caterpillar‘s you can generally find the eggs on the underside of the leaves. If you’re in veg you can kill them by spraying with Spinosaud


Thanks for the input! These plants are in a 2x4 tent indoors. I read that Captain Jack’s Bug Spray works on a variety of bugs ND also caterpillars. I also read that it’s safe during the flowering phase. I’ll pick some up today.