Something doesn't look right

WWA 7 wks from seed. all main stems with signs of progression

then the 2 tops white pistels have dissappeared! Cut the top off
looking underneath, looks like balls


Mabey it’s the lighting but those are an awful dark green. Yes those look like balls but have you had anything happen that stressed the plant into hermi? If it’s a auto it’s female so stress is all I can think

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Did you squeeze it was there anything inside?

@Sirsmokes this I my 3rd grow out of WAA. have had 2 good grows. using same practice as before. should I get rid of the plant. have 2 others going strong

Bust one of the balls open I noticed some of my calaxy swelled up where they look like seeds but are full of oil so take one of the tops and get far away from tent and cut one open to see if it’s full of oil or growing a seed. If it is pollen make sure to wash hands and change clothes before messing with tent again

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@Noctis420 looks like a seed

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@Sirsmokes it’s a seed. should I get rid if the plant

Looks like brown pistols on the top of it. But yes if it’s a seed I would cull it myself

Well it’s only going to concentrate on the seeds now. I would say it’s pretty worthless is it around other plants? If it did hermi from stress though it could give you female seeds but there is a chance those would hermi too, unless you really stressed it out and can figure out why I would toss it. Just my opinion. @Srsloman

@Noctis420 cannot think of anything I did differently. here are the other 2 plants. about half of all I’ve grown from my original order have been dark & stocky

Be careful they don’t get pollinated too. I would just toss it then it’s not worth the risk! So strange to see a auto hermi for no apparent reason. Are you feeding heavy? PH off? Wondering how it happened. @Srsloman

From what I understand dark green could be nitrogen toxicity. Don’t see any yellowing leaves though how odd.

@Noctis420 pH yesterday 6 on all plants. using fox farm. looked at the other stocky plant and it has balls. none of the same stocky plants have had seed in the harvest. the pic of the 2nd plant has none, if that makes any sense.

all in this grow are 7 weeks from seed

this is my 3rd grow from original seed order. 1st grow 2 seeds. 1 plant dark and stocky, the other with more of a stretch. 2nd grow had 2 dark and stocky plants and 2 stretched out plants. good smoke and an all day high cookie. all have been in the same tent. should I do anything different with my tent. I vacuum it out after each harvest. didn’t change the soil out this time, amended with lime before transplanting the plant that started this post

Get him out of there asap! Carefully put him in a plastic bag and get it out of the house immediately. It doesn’t matter what stressed it to hermie, it just did, so now you have to get rid of it. Don’t cut open any balls, they’re definitely male balls and you don’t want that thing anywhere near your grow area. Hopefully, you get him out in time to not affect your other plants.

@raustin. breaks my heart

@raustin do you think I have pollen all in my tent?

Aww, I know, it’s hard to do, but it must be done. He has no purpose in your world, and given the chance he will pollinate all your females and then you’ll have nothing. So say goodbye, and throw him in the trash.

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You have to remove it