Something ate one of my two baby seedlings last night! SMH

I’m glad I made the decision to get a grow ten set-up or this would have been incredibly disappointing, which is still is, but less-so since I have four plants in a tent inside. Now, just one left outside…

It was probably 1.5in tall

What’s the best way to prevent this??? I suppose I could have left a plastic cup over it for a while, but eventually it would have to be left out and exposed. Each outdoor plant was in it’s own pot in the side of my yard with a wired fence around it.

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Lots of critters eat small plants including mice.
Mice never drink water but will get enough from food they consume.
We have rabbits, field mice, squirrels, groundhogs, racoons, possums.
Fences do little to stop them.
Red pepper sprinkled around will deter some of them.


Would you sprinkle it inside the pot around the plant? Or just on the ground around the pots?
I just recently had a mouse problem me traps and one of my dogs did a decent job eliminating from the house, but I guess the little f’ers got the last laugh

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Dont think it would hurt to get it on the plant a little, but having it around so they have to traverse over it would be good. Some animals don’t have any reaction to it.
A lot of birds are immune.
A chicken wire cover is what I use on tomato plants when small.
Like this…
Speaking of chickens…they will eat everything right down to the dirt.

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