Something about me/ mine

Ok Gman here I’m a 1st time grower in organic soil with coco coir and perlite and coco chips on bottom of 5 gal buckets ready for final transplant i think? Presently in 1.5gal buckets first appeared on July4th…been dealing with fungus gnats but seeing fewer daily trying manifolding



They seem to be drooping. Enough water? Also food grade de is the Bomb!

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Do you have multiple plants in each 1.5 gallon pot? You’re probably going to have some trouble with that.

Most people are using 3-5 gallon pots for a single plant. I wouldn’t hesitate to do 1 plant in a 1.5, but I’d make sure it was a short veg. More than 1 plant, and I think you’re going to have root issues. You can see what the others think, but I’d look to getting them in their own pots quickly.

If I didn’t see it right, I apologize.

Just one in each pot 4 total

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Ok, sorry about that. For whatever reason it looked like several plants per pot.


Some aggressive HST, should scrog well.


Well i transplanted to 5 gal think i overdid the nutes.used straight water after transplanting next day were fine then mixed florabloom watered and misted now leaves turning brown any advise besides start over any comments would be greatful…live and learn