Someone please help before she dies

. This plant is usually a outdoor plant but because of the weather I moved her inside. I’ve only ph’ed her water once because I got ph up and down late in the process. But at least I can start off strong with the little ones. Is there anyway to solve this disaster!!



Lights? Watts? Type? Height? Schedule?

Water? Nutrients? Ppm? Schedule?

Soil? Type? Mix?

Plant auto or photo? Age? (Weeks in?)

I found the seed… nutes-pic

I haven’t used the nutrients yet for any of my plants because I just got it along with ph up and down. The ph of my water was 8.5. I fed her when she looked dry with a ph of 6.3 and I woke up and she just looked sad…I’m using Miracle Gro mixed with regular potting soil. Ik ik I’ve hear all about the time release fertilizer in Miracle Gro I just couldn’t afford any other…I’m using a 60w daylight cul, and a florescent compact light! I’m having a greenhouse installed on Saturday she is about 2 months old and I haven’t fed her anything and that’s a pic of what I should I went by if I didn’t get them late in the process. Should I feed her nutes or what?

Top or fim the closer plant you want it to bush out. By taking the middle of the top of the plant out it will naturally fill out the bottom of the plant thinking it’s being attacked.

The one in the back cut the dead leaves/ branches away and cross your fingers and hope for the best. If it comes down to it you can always take the branches and clone every one of them and see what survives.

8.3 ph is seriously high and will kill the plant, it may be in your best interest to scrap that soil and start fresh with replanting it in a more balanced soil. Or reducing the ph gradually by making sure your ph is at about 5.5-6.0 everytime you water.

@PurpNGold74 the soil expert will add some sound advice, because at that point I chop and clone if I see that or toss and plant a new


How would I top or fem it. And witch ones 1,2,3 on the left or right? I put the waters ph at 6.5 shoukd I start going down to 5.5
And I should cut all the dead leaves or the branch to?

witch one

that wilted plant at the top, sure does look wet. Way to wet. Did you just water them?

Just a voice from my experience, When they are in a typical mix soil like I use Happy Frog, or one you buy from Walmart. The soil is rich enough or hot enough to feed them into flower. So for me, I only feed PHed water until they hit flower stage.

Not sure if this helps as a sounding board or not… but…

I watered it 2 days ago… I trimmed it!!! It makes since. So I should just ph my water to about 6 until flower and then use tiger bloom? I haven’t used any nutes on any plants yet

How much perlite in the soil it looks really compact.

Thier is not that much that’s why I tried to mix it with another soil… I’ll send s pic of both soils. Is their

anything I could put in their so it could breath better?

I bet she’s soaked deep inside. Maybe get chop stick size stick and try and air out the soil by making holes with it. Does she feel super heavy?

Top or fim them all!

Imma need ur help to do that. I’ll do it rn tho? And I got chopsticks I’ll do it rn!

The one dying tho, needs more attention. Trim off any brittle brown dry leaves so the plant doesn’t send energy to those and waste it. Need to top that one also and with the crazy wilt of it wouldn’t be a bad time to see if it bounces back

Cut where it shows fim to top

To fim, use finger nails or small scissors and you just want to take the very center out of the growth. Without new growth tho top that bitch


so chop what’s circled off with scissors?

what more should I trim

Yes chop those tops! Takes longer to recover than fimming but that top needs to go

Other healthier ones fim just the middle leaves at the top by pinching them out

how does that look