Someone please adopt my girls!

Hi folks!

My name is Jennifer, I live in Surrey BC (near Vancouver), and I have been growing outdoors in my backyard for about 4 years now. And I’ve made a stupid mistake…

Ordinarily, I grow autos, and I never consider when autumnal equinox is because it doesn’t matter. I just assess how many months until harvest. I automatically did the same thing this year, but failed to remember that they are NOT auto!

So, I have 5 lovely, healthy Crown Royale Fem. growing in 5 gal pots along my fence that are going to freeze to death or grow mold before they are harvestable. I am disabled and use a wheelchair, and live in a small suite in someone’s home, so you can see why I’m unable to bring them inside or rig something up outside.

Is there anyone out there in my area that is willing to give them a new home? The harvest is yours, of course. I just don’t want to see them go to waste. They could still grow a great deal outdoors until Sept 23, and then be brought indoors.


They look nice and healthy. Hopefully someone can take them off your hands.


I wish you well my friend. Maybe said friend could give you a hand?


@Jenntee could you rig up s small PVC structure and stretch plastic over it?

Maybe cut them back to contain the size?


My hubby can help me with something like that, but the issue is the weather. In October it gets cold and rainy. We’ve even had snow that early. And I have no place for them inside.

dont give them up! get some cardboard boxes and start them flowering now. washing machine boxes or fridge boxes. put the boxes over for at least 12 hours of darkness. in would probably do 14 hours of darkness. yield will slightly suffer, but it may induce faster flowering. only water in the morning and put a fan on them to make sure the top of the soil is dry before you box them up. have spare boxes handy in case they get wet. good luck! there are never problems, only reasons to have solutions!! you got this.


@thatguythatgrows Okay, I’ll give it a go. But what if it gets cold and wet?

don’t worry about the cold. space heaters would help them dry out during the day. or a fan. that’s going to be your main issue is keeping them dry. you’ve definitely got a long road ahead of you. but when you got 1lb plants like those, you have to at least try. you could also get 2 cheap dollies. strap each one to a dolly and move it inside or outside. the cardboard box would probably be easier though. maybe throw a tarp over top of them after you put the box on. If temperatures start dipping really low at night, often times this will cause plants to flower to completion faster. it can make them more colorful sometimes too.

** and start working on plans for your greenhouse.


cut down the light hours…once less than 12 hrs they will flower. Cover or bring indoors.
A rolling cart or kids wagon would make it easier.


My caregiver is going to clean out their shed for me, and help me put the plants in at night and take them out in the morning. Sweet!

Also, average temperature in November is 9°/5° and 100mm rain. Mold and root rot may be my biggest concern. Who knows? I may end up with prettier colors and tastier buds?


@thatguythatgrows is right. Start flower now if possible. No cold or rain issues. At least, not as much


Sounds like you have a good caregiver! That will make it alot easier on you! Good luck with them!!


I’ll let you all know how it goes


As @tanlover442 suggested, a rolling garden cart would make all the moving simple.


Good idea, but it’s not much of an issue now because there’s a nice sunny patch just outside the shed.:wink:


But you can start wheeling them in early to induce flower

Yes, as soon as the shed is cleared. Plus, I needed to give them another week or two because I just topped them last week.

@Jenntee enntee i can not for the life of me figure out how to send messages. can you please message me so i can reply. i hate that phones have become smarter than me.

No problem

etc… like great advice & that you have some great help. Hope yo see the final results