Someone lays Eggs on Her, Everyone knows? Nobody knows?



@garrigan65 any ideas as to what they are ive never seen them myself


Look like aphid eggs


Are you sure?


Not 100% but they look like it


I was thinking the same thing,

The Black Bean Aphid (Aphis fabae) is olive green to dull black in color. It migrates between two hosts: Euonymus and Viburnum as primary hosts then to Cannabis as secondary host. This aphid vectors over thirty viruses and is found everywhere except Australia.


I read that aphids give birth to live offspring


I miss read


I friggin never hated something so much
Lil jerks kill everything
I had em bad in my dill and cilantro and my cauliflower and broccoli
Had a small scare in the grow room they were here and there but mostly dead or dying thanks to using spinosad during veg


I check my veggie garden daily
I plucked all the plants that they were really bad in and maybe once a month I use a lil bit of dr bronners insecticidal soap under my leaves and seems to be controlling them pretty well
I still find em here and there when i do I squish em or just remove the leaf that they are on
They have not gotten into my 6 outdoor plants but I am a freak about going through every plant in my garden daily


I’m not sure exactly how they grow. It’s slightly confusing when reading.

Most outdoor aphids migrate between two hosts. The overwintering host is the primary host. Eggs laid on tree limbs hatch into stem mothers or fundatrices. They are born fertile and within days begin giving birth viviparously (eggs hatch inside their reproductive tract)—to “born live” larvae. (discovered by Leeuwenhoek). Fundatrices bear sixty to one hundred fundatrigeniae. Soon these begin giving birth to more live, pregnant, females. In late spring the winged aphids develop and fly off to the secondary hosts, like Cannabis.


Thanks for all the info @FNG101v2
It is crazy how they can reproduce like that
Lil creeps I found a cool website that sells all sorts of beneficial bugs that wipe em out
Think I will be ordering som aphid parasites
Tried lady bugs but they always bail on me after a couple days


Kinda looks like catipillar eggs (different color obviously)


They maybe shield bug eggs. I’ve seen them before crawling on my plants.


Maybe this will help :slightly_smiling_face:


They are moth or butterfly eggs 100% @Growit


Good to know
I got 6 girls outside right now I am constantly looking under my leaves through out the garden not just the cannabis looking for critters


Just caught spider mites in my indoor. Sneaky stinkers :skull::fire: