Someone help with nutrients


Can some one please tell me what is the best Nutrients Advanced please


It’s all a matter of choice and cost ?


Roberts nutes are very good, my friend uses them. I use General hydroponics floranova grow and bloom. I will try something different when mine are gown, not sure what though. Yoshi is right also.


I have used Roberts nutrients. But in ow use
Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect

B Safe


Best thing to do when choosing a nutrient is to buy one that is popular. As in GH 3-part. It is eaqsy to use, and easy to teach someone how to use. Some growers buy nutrients that are not very popular and have trouble getting advice on how to use them, if there is an issue.

Greaat way to start. I can tell you every little thing you can do with this nutrient. You can tweak it several different ways, and use it to grow all by itself. I do advise also get Calmag+


Affordable and very reliant , change as you learn , but make sure you grow at least 3-4 grows with what you use first , all lines of nutrients is different .


Try those then try technaflora bc products. They have been around a long time, with the bc line.
Good luck no matter which ones you choose.


Hi Guys if you need any help with nutrients see our ask the experts page at dr greens co uk