Someone help me with this discoloration!

I have 11 plant total, the obvious one that is lighter green is a bag seed and 8 of the others are ilgm super silver haze, they are all looking great to me but that plant just looks like it lacking something??? Can someone help me ? I know the light color isn’t normal lighting but you can still see the color of that one big plant Vs all the others. And the 2 on the front row far right are also bag seeds and they too have very minimal yellowing but the big one is my main concern it gets fed the same as the others and and they all get watered ph 6.5 and I’m in soil, i water them as they get dry @Covertgrower @dbrn32

What your seeing as light in color looks like that’s your full spectrum light over top and the others have purples your looking at actual colors compared to under purples… always gonna look lighter under a white full spectrum

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Those 2 lights in the middle are both the same color

The far right 2 are white but the one is closer to the purpose so it’s getting some purple in its spread

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That’s the concerned plant next to a healthy plant in natural light

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Are they same strain one looks like it’s starting to flower …which they do get a little light during rapid growth periods…

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Even got some of this going on as well with it

I’d say you need some cal mag usually starts showing beginning of flower strech

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Unless that bag seed turned out to be auto I’ve been on a 18-6

Let me see a close up of the lighter one

You got a bunch of diff bag seed or all from same bag? All I grow is bag seed and there’s no guarantees with it unfortunately

Are there any other leaves wrinkling? That means over watering. If your really concerned flush that plant with water then check your run off for Ppm’s. Check your soil Ph too. Otherwise let it ride out.

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And yes the 3 bag seed plants are all different bag seeds is it possible to get a auto in a bag seed?

That’s definitely begining to flower

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Do you think I can veg for 2 more weeks so my others can catch up??

Add cal mag if you are up it during this period of a plants life cal mag are in high demand during pregnancy flower strech

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If it’s an auto you can leave it under 18 and 6 forever it will do it’s own thing …that plant is on auto pilot …can’t be cloned …and is gonna do what it wants but u can flower autos in a veg tent no problem so chive on you just may wanna start addressing the change in nutrient demand for certain critical stages in a plants life


I done 2.5ml of technaflora magical for a half gallon and fed her that.

So your saying it is possible to get an auto seed from a bag?