Someone help before I quit

Nice. Now keep her properly calibrated. N dont forget that run off

So was your pH meter calibrated properly @Familyman?

This is why I said pH issues or over watering was the problem the other day. It’s easy to say you have a calcium deficiency, problem is most people who have calcium deficiencies are usually giving their plants calcium, which means there is some other underlying reason for the deficiency, right?

Giving plants more calcium or trying to foliar feed calcium into the plant doesn’t permanently correct the issue if the pH stays out of whack. People don’t realize that over watering causes sub surface anaerobic conditions and strain on roots which will inhibit the uptake of nutrients like calcium also. Also, over feeding can cause some deficiencies so make sure your not giving them too much fertilizer.
Point being: just because there is a deficiency present doesn’t mean is because of lack of fertilizer.

If he is still around for the day this guy can be of lots of help…

@Niala, can you take a look into @Familyman issues.

Here is his other thread too


Yes but when growing under LEDs there is usually issues with calcium and magnesium. I know he is growing with the Quantum Boards. At 2ml a g, when I think the recommended dosage is 3-5ml a gal might now be enough.


The calmag container recommends 2-4 ml per gallon so I started at the lower end.

And normally, if you are already giving regular fertilizers then a half dose of cal/mag is still good. I seen @dbrn32 talking about this not too long ago.

Look at your other bottles of fertilizers, do any of them have calcium in them also?

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I’m not feeding any nutes. Just whatever the FFOF provides.

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What does the back of the bag say? You need a well balanced regimen of nutrients. Over loading on calcium and magnesium only could make your problems worse.

You need to do a run off test like @PurpNGold74 mentioned to see how much fertilizers are in your soil

He mentioned pH but you need to test it for ppm’s also

XLUX Digital TDS Meter, Water Quality Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range, 1 ppm Resolution, 2% Readout Accuracy

I think I may have one laying around d from my aquarium days.

Test the water that comes out the bottom of the pot with it


Run off is coming out at 6.3 ph

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I’m going to agree with others that it appears to be what we typically see under the high powered leds.

You’re probably not going to get by on just ff soil and the qb’s. Rate of photosynthesis is just going to be too high. What’s npk on calmag you have, and when you feed about how much nute solution are you giving? You’re gonna wanna grab a 2 or 3 part too. I’m not discounting the ph either, that’s equally important. But you’re gonna need a few more tools is all.

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I have FF big grow. Cal/mag is 2-0-0

Yeah it seems that these issues were multiplied after the new lights.

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I am feeding nothing

I always am cautious when adding things. I’m guessing it’s time to give them the juice.

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Found my TDS meter!

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I also looked up the specs on my tap water and compared them to the ph meter and it seems to be on point now.

After reading everything above I would say that they are hungry… :wink:
See what your ppm is on your next watering … if it’s under 800 ppm you will need to feed them…


Hi @Familyman, my name is Al, volunteer grow mentor on the Bergman’s lab and welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:

Let me take a look of all the grow journals you have and support you have been given and I will see if I can add my 2 cents :wink:

See ya later…


Sounds good

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