Someone help before I quit

Someone help me figure this out. I’ve had a terrible grow week and just want to give up. Can someone confirm that this is PH related??? I’m so frustrated

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What are you growing in and what is your pH, as nobody can give you any sort of definite answer without knowing that alone.

Looks like a calcium deficiency with the rust spots, are you using RO water?

Yup possibly calmag by the rusty spots. Come down off that ledge @Familyman. Just been a rough week. Ull get it tuned up. Got thise meters in yet?

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Using R/o water,growing in FFOF. I have a ph meter and will check the calibration today. I’ve been adding 2 ml cal/mag per gallon when watering. Should I up it??

My water is adjusted to 6.2

Thanks. Just making me crazy.

And have u checkd your run off? Soil pH may be off

If your going in at 6.2 and coming out at 5.7. Its not helping lol. And no problem bro. Thats why we are here

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No. Do I just collect the run off and probe it??

Yup. Water til run off. And check that runoff

Ok then. I’ll do that today. Any tips on calibrating the ph probe in case it may be off??

They usually seen a calibration solution. Did u get the yellow one? I think solutions come at 4. U sit it in there. And then a 7. So u calibrate twice.

No. I got a grey one.

Looks serviceable. No calibration solution tho??

Yes but upon review of the instructions, i didn’t see the additional steps on the back of the page. I only used the 6.86 solution and didn’t use the 4.0 solution also. I just can’t get this stuff right. Maybe its because i always have to little kids up my ass and can’t focus on what I’m doing for more than 5 seconds at a time. I finished the calibration with the 4.0 solution. Hopefully that gets it right. Tested tap water and it read 7.1 which is neutral and what I would expect.


What is RO water?

reverse osmosis

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Thank you ! Didnt knew

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Emailed the company for some more calibration buffer powders.