Someone from ilgm plz contact me

I have filled out the form 2 times now a week apart and nothing, I have 1 out of 5 of my wedding cake auto make it, the others just couldn’t make good tap roots… I have 10 other autos from a different company and they are doing great and there done the same way, …

@ILGM.Stacy. will get to you soon

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Thank you

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No problem, I assure you they will take care of you. Also. Have you checked ur spam folder? I’ve had a few end up there before


Yeah I seen someone say that and checked but just junk lol, just gets frustrating seeing the little guys just die but I also know it can be from many things so I am just trying to get a idea on what it might be and ty again…


What are you looking for help with? This section of the forum isn’t typically used for grow support. But I may be able to help or get you to better place to receive assistance you’re looking for.


How come no-one will email me back from the form that you fill out? I have done it 2 times now both a week apart… I only had 1 of my 5 auto wedding cake make a actually tap root…

I’m not sure what may have happened with your emails. That stuff is directed to seed shop staff, and this is the grow support forum. @ILGM.Stacy can maybe help find your emails.

So only 1 of 5 seeds cracked? What germination method did you use and for how long?

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Me either, I came here after not hearing back because I seen that some people have had this issue and then get help by tagging someone here… But I thought this was under order and seed support?

18hrs in water about 48 In a wet paper towel in side a Dome on a heating pad. I have 10 other autos from a different company 8 out of the 10 made it doing…

I use wet paper towel method. Then place paper towels in ziplock bag with some air trapped inside, and place the bag on top of my cable box. Sometimes can take several days to crack. I would put them back in for a few days.

Either way, save them until you hear something from Stacy.

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This was going on 2 weeks ago, they came up but only the one had a good tap root and actually made it, 25%prelite 25% worm cast 50% fox farm soil…

In my experience, if seeds germinate it’s usually an environmental or care issue that causes them to die off from there. Things like handling with bare skin, over watering, etc. I have had a few just not crack at all, but if the seeds pop they have always grown fine for me.

I’m unable to help much beyond that. You will have to wait for Stacy, hopefully she will be in touch soon.

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Yeah that’s what I mean because my others are doing good so I am lost at this point, but thank you for giving me some input…

Same happened to me 1 out of 5 opened up the other 4 nothing,please let me know where you got the other seeds from because I’m not happy with my results


I like this company, just not really seeing why no one is getting back to me tho, why have the form to fill out if it doesn’t go anywhere? And you have to come on here to get someone just to get tagged So they can then go look for that said form? Kinda been a headache gong on 2 weeks and 100 bucks down the drain

Same boat here,I was told someone would get in touch with me also,so far nothing,I feel the same way $100 lost

I’m guessing that no one is going to get back to me at this point…

@Boca420 The problem here is, is that you are trying to get in contact with us by replying on marketing emails.
Please read the auto reply on this email, it explains that you need to fill in a contact form in order to get help from our support team.
I see my colleague got back to you, @Boca420 , last Thursday. Can you please double-check?

@Frank3 It’s correct that the form wasn’t working properly for a few days about 2/3 weeks ago, so I’m guessing this was the reason we didn’t receive your email. I’m sorry about that.
I see you’ve used our contact form yesterday, thank you! My colleague will get back to you within a few hours. :slight_smile:

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