Someone explain how this happens

Exactly more plants will greatly reduce your veg time

And greatly increase your tents yeild compared to what your pulling at the end of this run everythibg added all up of course but the idea of my sog is i had 11 .2’x4’ racks each rack went in the whole 10x10 1 week apart was i still learning …yes… Would i have 13 different strains again… No… I feel uniformity will increase quality controll i grew alot if bad weed before i started growing good weed that top super crowded pic… Once the scrogs were done ( those were my 3 oruginal moms that started to sog ) cloned them like crazy and kept popping beans and just filled up the room… 3 in scrog left to right purple haze ,cha ching, gsc…was going to start filling each rack with diff strain but i abandoned that idea after alot of messin up not even realizing my gorilla glues would take 13 weeks and my recons took under 8 weeks …see how thats hard to expect i grow all bag seed never bought a seed in my life but only way I could find that out is if I grew it out and learned about the strain that I was growing and so far the ones that I like the best where Recon fast flower easy stinky smelly tasty potent


I veg 5 plants 10 weeks in a 3x3 then flower them in a 4x4 fill er up!


@Chasfitterhow do you water and prune them

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I use AN Connie line and clean up bottoms Per @Hellraiser


I’m putting together a pvc scrog set together… I’m trying to figure out what is the best to use hor my netting? 550 chord, Mason twine etc
@dbrn32 @DivChem @VTGROW

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Can never go wrong with 550 cord… Airborne!! Thousand 1, Thousand 2, Thousand 3, Thousand 4. Check canopy… Beep.

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I don’t use scrog method. When I have needed screen in past I just buy large disposable and cut out what I need.


Hey bro! Havent been around here forever since fighting pm in my rooms and then contracting Covid. No worries though I was only down and out a couple weeks. Stigma and getting back to work was worse for me than the virus which took over a month.

I’m actually attempting my first scrog on my new hydro grow soon so I don’t have any advice.

I did grow some amazing ghost train haze recently that smelled like lemon lime is sure you would love though. Lol
Despite the ppm struggle she still turned out amazing but took quadruple the amount of attention as prior grows. In retrospect, I should have cut my loses early in veg. Then cleaned and restarted.

Hope your grows have been fruitful!

Happy growing

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@VTGROW good to hear you’re up and at it again. I harvest my Durban Poison and Acapulco Gold and both are guuuuud. Green crack and northern lights in late flower now. I’m gonna save my $ and get some Rare Dankness GTH/moonshine.

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I had a hard time with the moonshine one but GTH and rare darkness did amazing. Just a heads up

@DivChem my little twin is now 42" tall simply amazing how every grow there’s something new

Idk how this works but I’m trying to ask a question, I have two maybe three weeks left in my grow and my plant hermies, should I cut it down or let it go? Please someone tell me what’s going on

If you got others cut it before polen opens or let it seed up your younger plants and have a crap ton of seeds either way seems like rhere will be loss in potency ir weed all togther u neeed seeds amd got a younger plant?..

As for scrog bigger cord diameter less damage t leaves reallt but i use pvc build fram and put scres half way sunk every 4 inches all the way around and just string jt up with contractor string u want something cheap u can cut away but not to thin its not gonna dig into stalk…ive used monofilimint fishing line it worked … Just gotta be aware of what kinda damage buture growth the plant can do to its self when growing into a thin diameter cord yarn is nice and soft amd u can double it up for an extra .50$

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Ended up getting 550 cord. @DivChem what would a paratrooper use. 82d

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Knees to the breeze. I was a Observer Controller @ the JRTC for 3 years… Airborne units and 550 cord and 100mph tape??? fixes everything!! That and everyone including the cooks have Stinger missiles within reach…

I only had an M60 couple of laws and claymores


Always liked the 60. Idiot proof, easy to work on, put suppressive fires on target fast and best of all… It could be fired like a rifle!

@DivChem @VTGROW anyone use Great White if so does it work?

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I have not. I use this stuff for early rooting/ vegn

I think it helps early development. Same as the great white I would think?