Someone explain how this happens

@DivChem you think my lighting is under powered or to far away.
@dbrn32 hey bro can you take a look at these pics and tell me what you think?
@DivChem appreciate your help bro. Should I set them 18" above or is up to 24" ok. I wanted the twin to stretch and she did, a lot.

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Try 22" and if you have them dimmed? Turn those things up… Every room is different so not one cure… Mine seem to like between 22-24". But I use side lighting as well but out of the 12/12, side lighting is only on bout 4.5 hours.

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I’m using the ES300V2 @ full power. I try to maintain 22" 24" from the canopy. Then 4x 300watt side lights that go on and off 3 times during the 12/12.

I also turn everything 90° daily.

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They look pretty good to me. Are you running out of room or something?

@dbrn32 I’m growing 2 green crack, well about 4 weeks into veg one of my girls sprouts a twin.
So I figure wth I’ll transplant her and see what happens. Long story short she made it and is taking off big time after I put her into flower. She’s grown to 34" the last 6" in 3 days. I wanted her to stretch, and she did. I ask cuz it was mentioned that they might be starving for light.

Are branches touching another plant? They will compete for height too

They have pretty good separation. In a 5x5x80 tent what should I have for lighting for maximum yields? Using 3 -260 V1s. HLG of course. I’d like to take out 1 260 V1 and replace it with the 260XL V2 rspec. Would that help or it’s not worth it for the increase I might get? @dbrn32

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I wouldn’t spend the money to make that upgrade. Wait for couple more generations to get big jump in performance.

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Here’s my skywalker twin for some reason she way out grew the rest even tho they have had same schedule

I’d have no problem with that. These are strange little creatures

@dbrn32 as of now we have 3-260w hlg V1 in a 5x5x80.also have a veg tent 2x4 that we’ve moved 1 of the 3 lights in the flower tent during early flower. Would like to keep the dimmable 260 in the veg and add either a 260 V2 XL or the 320 v2 r xl. HLG has 20% off entire site this weekend. What would you do in my situation?
Thanks for your help

Three 260xl kits should be pretty good in a 5x5.

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@dbrn32 ordered hlg 320 w xl today for $388. Replacing 1 of the 3 260s and moving one to the 2x4 veg tent. We needed another light so I figured if 3-260s was good, 2 260s and 1 320 co r is better. What do you think?

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Works for me. Looking at your pics above I wouldn’t say amount of light you have is as big of problem as amount of light you have hitting the floor. The term “there’s no replacement for displacement” applies here. There’s too much dead space in your tent to yield what it’s capable of.

@dbrn32 what do I do to eliminate or reduce dead space?

Run a full canopy

More plants… Scrogs or sogs i feel are going to help u alot do more medium plants or 2 big ones in a screeu wanna maximize leaves if u got light hitting the floor your wasting light basicly

barley any light hit the floor and i was using 8x10 of a 10x10 with 4 hlg 600 v2 rspecs they do a 5x5 each so 4 would max out the whole 10x10 but i only focused over 8x10 so i was able to dim and keep temps in check cuz them big lights get warm when u crank em
See how there mostly shadows on the wood very little hitting the floor …those 600s definatley have pentration capability


I made sog racks but thats a lil over board for a single 5x5 but it will keep thingseven it dosent seem like moneys much of an issue to you and growing a bunch of diff strains its not to bad to give a lil space i found if your packing plants it good to do it once u found a strain you really like and give her a few practice runs… See if it does better as a big plant or a few small ones u might grow a couple strains in a net but if thr flower times are way off it can cause a lil problems down the line

these racks hdlp witwith that becyase u can take one out and. Let slackers finish

@dbrn32 @fano_man :+1::+1: I think I’m over thinking plants touching or blocking light to each other. How many plants should I put in a 5x5. I wanted to stick to 4 and scrog them but haven’t figured out all my questions about it.

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Doesn’t really matter if it’s one plant or 25 plants, only thing that will really change is how much veg time you need to fill it. Less time you wsnt to spend in veg the more plants you will need to run.

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