Someone break the bad news to me!

It was looking promising but in the end it proved to be a lil to much all at once for a first timer. I cut down and have my first 3 drying right now but they didn’t look to good and doesn’t smell like it’s going to be that fire at this point I’m just hoping it’s smokeable. And I still have one more in the tent the dbl sour I got lazy and lost track gave it full nutes for 4 feedings straight and wasn’t checking the run off by the time I realized it the ppm were over 3000 I did a flush and got the run off down to around 500 but it’s been 4 days and the pot is still heavy and she is showing no kick back is it time to toss her out or can something be done to bring her back to life? It’s not a auto so was wondering can I send her back to flower? I’m kinda sick but I’m also cool with learning from my mistakes her is the latest pic of the sour doing bad.

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Forget it, the medium has been toxified too long. Feeding is not critical toward end, quite the opposite, they need and use less food and water.

You’re not alone, we’ve all made that and other mistakes!


So is it a complete bust or can I still get something out of it after I cure it?

I would extract it down to bubble hash or shatter, it’s a great way to get something out of nothing worth smoking.

Personally, I waste not, been pretty busy making spaghetti sauce from a bumper crop turned ripe faster than expected, buckets and buckets of tomatoes would have been wasted had I done otherwise. When I’m done with something it’s worthless and can’t be used by anyone for anything, not even the Chinese! I’ll beat them at their own game!