Some tips needed on growing White Widow

A fellow grower is in need of some help:

Please send any and all instructions you may have for my grow of 40 ea. of ILGM WWfem seeds. They almost all germinated (38 out of 40) and are now 3 weeks old. This is soil.

My questions:
Does White Widow respond well to topping ?

Should I take clones from the bottom branches OR if topping okay use those for clones?

Wait until 8 weeks from germ to clone?

How long from cutting clones should I let them veg until putting into flower?
Last but not least - any tips on SCROG for WW?Any other specifics for soil growing (inside!) ILGM’s Fem White Widow plants.

Thank you. Very impressed w/your seeds AND even more impressed w/your support team.

I would advise you to download and read our Free Grow Bible. All your questions would be addressed in this Free Book. :slight_smile: