Some suggestions please

My plants growing have a growing number of yellow leaves. They get watered with PHd water of 6.8 and rain water. Plants are growing in buckets. They are fed every 3-4 days with fox farms nuts. They are WW from ILGM. They just started changing color throughout the plant. We’ve been having a lot of rain here lately but I would have thought there would have been more consistency is discoloring if it was over watering any ideas or suggestions.

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Looks like a Calmag deficiency. Add 5ml Calmag with next water

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@Jmf129 Hope this helps!
Agree with @itsalwayssomething
Check out the Mag Def (late stage)

This is normal for plants at that point using conventional cannabis nutes. N deficiency and those can be removed as they will not recover. I like more N during flower than FF delivers but that’s my personal preference.

Best to have a game plan for when you are in late flower and it’s raining. You do not want to get bud rot…

Thanks everyone for the help. I’ll implement your suggestions.