Some sorta bug!

Can anyone identify this?I saw a few gnats flying around today. I had a few sticky strips laying around so I put two at the base of my plant few hours later I look and see tiny little specks started investing with the microscope and see these

Super tiny much smaller then a grain of sand. They didn’t crawl onto the traps must be falling out of the canopy.

Definitely falling out of the canopy the are only on the top side of the trap.

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Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice Concentrate. Mix at 1.5x strength. Spray liberally before lights out until you get rid of them. Then a 2 or 3 times a week to maintain.

What are they?

Looks like thrip larvae, but not too certain…


I’ll buy the thrip ID… micro Hippopotamus.


Looks like a springtail.