Some sort of difincency

G’day fam!

This is a re-post as I didnt upload pictures with me last one.

My plants started out great, but they have these rust spots that have started about 2 days ago and I dont know what it is.

I thought it could be a defincency which seems most like but I use a nutrient to correct common defincencies. So I thought maybe it wasn’t getting enough fresh oxygen so I’ve turned my intake fan on today and see how that goes.

If someone could help me out that’d be great, I’m growing super lemon haze in coco choir

@Jefferson Could be Cal-Mag deficiency.

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I dont think so because I give it nutrients specifically for that! Maybe I’ll try a bit more

I give my plants a teaspoon of Cal-Mag with a gal of water when i water them.

Well this nute “go green” by professor nutrient is meant to correct that its always been great thats the only reason why I think it could be oxygen. I’ve even tried foiler spray!

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I’m sorry i didn’t see you where growing in coco coir. My bad i grow in soil