Some signs of mold


A question from a fellow grower:

We bought the Cash Crop 4.0 Grow Box and are growing with hydroponics. The box can hold six plants in water or two in soil. We planted four to start with in water. The two in the front are doing great but the two in the back are smaller and being overshadowed by the two front ones.

I have also seen some signs of mold and think that the number of plants may be adding to the problem. Do you recommend removing the two smaller ones (possibly transplanting them into soil) to allow the two bigger ones to grow fuller. I am afraid when they go into bud stage that they will not have enough room which may jeopardize the entire crop.


I would transplant 2 yes and you can also mix a little bit of organic Apple cider vinegar in a quart of water spray down plant leaves it takes a few days to a week (3-10 days) until progress works but it will kill mold :wink:


what’s your humidity and temps like? the thing with cash crop grow boxes is they are designed for sea of green style growing small plants and fast flip or clones


if mold it called “botrytis” it’s a fungi goes from white to gray - and it work’s from the inside out. need new soil sorry !


I agree with you buddy new soil is a must