Some seeds did not pop

I had 5 seeds that did not germinate, how do I get replacement? thanks

Email the seed shop. look for your order confirmation email and reply to it.
Let them know what happened.

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And be really nice about it.

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Yes, just as @QueenCityB said. Be patient too as they are in a different country and it takes a day or so to answer, longer on weekends and holidays.

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thanks for your help

Yes indeed, always! thanks

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thanks…good advise. Never pays to be an impatient a-hole.


They are really very good about seed replacements. Like said above: be patient and you’ll be happy.

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IGLM emailed a request to give a review. I told them I could not provide a review because I killed their seeds. They sent replacements. Second batch turned out great. Great customer service they want people to successful.