Some questions: harvest every month, maximize yield

From a fellow grower:

I was wondering if their is a way to mediphoricly harvest a crop every month after the initial harvest in around 3-6 months I will have a large outdoor greenhouse will atleast 10 of more plants of strawberry and a few other high yielding and short flowering plants I would also start the first grow in around March or so I was wondering if I planted or got clones after each month starting a new crop would that work in the long run. I could do a indoor but I would rather not since I am trying to maximize yeild and better smoke any suggestions or advice in any way would be much appreciated also with your extra high yielding plant how much do you think I could get out of the outdoor with 10 or more and thank you for the help I’ve also been emailing someone else on your support team not sure who so if you want to use this on the other or both whatever works haha

In general it takes a minimum of about 2 months to flower and ripen an adult plant for harvest, so the short answer is no, at least not in the way you seem to be implying. Any cuttings would need time to grow to the desired size, most likely in a vegetative light cycle, and then after they have reached this size, they then would need that 2 month time period to flower and “ripen on the plant”, before they could then be harvested.

However, with so many plants, if you can control the light schedule, you can develop a rotating system, where clones are vegging in a veg light schedule to have the time to get big, and rotate it into a area with a flowering light schedule, so you could certainly have certain plants reaching “ripeness” every month.

For example, even from seed, let’s say you plan of giving a month or two for vegging, and then the two months for flower, with as little as 4 plants, starting each one a month apart, you’d easily have one plant becoming ripe for harvest every month, assuming of course you start a new seed every month. Then eventually, after things are going through the rotation, you’d absolutely have at least one plant ready for harvest every month.

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Yes - as long as you have figured out your times - short answer

I run a perpetual harvest system meaning in essence I harvest every week. This is a tricky way to grow as you have plants at multi stages all on different feed schedules also it requires 2 grow areas and knowledge of strains being used. If growing indoors is far easier to control since you set the light schedule outdoors could be done using autos but honestly not easy without practice.
I grow indoors 2 rooms 1 room 12/12 the other 18/6 I started by vegging 10 plant put 4 into 12/12 cut clones form each same week they went into flower, each week I add 1 plant to flower room usually the largest in my veg area I cut clones as needed from my mother plants this is where it gets interesting since I have plants at different stages in both flower and veg everything has different needs I pondered a monthly cycle but the space needed for drying vegging and flowering makes it impractical and far easier to trim and dry a few plants weekly.


Outside would be hard to grow and harvest every month. Maybe with a green house where you can control the lights.


You would need 4 room’s for a harvest every month project - a boit of work but worth it !!!

Nope, you’d only need the two rooms, one with a flowering light schedule and one with the veg light cycle, you can have more than one plant per room.

But, yes, you could do it with more rooms also. It all depends on how you want to grow.

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this is my current plan. small veg room, big flower room.

wont harvest every month specifically but…perpetual harvest nonetheless. maybe every 2 months,…until i get more lights in flower-tent. then i can just keep piling them in. right now ill run out of light with only the 1000+400w, if i put too many in there.

but little by little, im gettin’ there.

I’m actually in the process of completing my first perpetual grow. But still working on the whole idea of perfecting it to suit my needs.

I have 3 that I just harvested. Money Maker, Skunk #1, and Psycho Crack. They’ll be finished in a couple more days, then on to curing.

I have 2 that will be ready in about a week or so. Another Skunk #1, and a Widow Bomb.

I have 4 that will be ready at the end of the month as well. 2 Black Jack Autos and 2 Critical Jack Autos.

Then, in my veg area, I have about 10 plants growing. They range from seedlings that were planted in the beginning of the December, to clones that were taken from my Money Maker when she was in flowering.

In a week I’ll be taking my Frencheese from the veg area and put it into the flower tent. So then in 8 weeks I’ll have another harvest.

Then weekly after that I’ll be taking plants from veg to flower. With this first harvest of mine, I didn’t plan out the whole perpetual cycle right. But after learning on my own I hope I can help someone else. I’ll post some pictures when I start the Frencheese into flower, as well as the other girls that will follow her weekly after that.


I have 9 total in flower 4 of which are 7 weeks I have added another plant every 9-10 days this week is the last week for the first 4. I have 2 Jack herer which I planted same week first 4 went into flower going in instant I pull the 4 out. As well have clones that were cut before I started flowering any to fill any voids :slight_smile: though I am currently considering switching rooms and starting 2 a week for next full cycle. It only requires 2 rooms but lots of monitoring since all plants are different ages and you have to plan ahead since plants can get too large for flower room while waiting in veg also easiest with clones from same mother since they flower at same rate. If you are not committed this is not a system for you likewise if you don’t have space.
Honestly it’s a lot of work and you really need to be organized


@cityofbaltimo you may find this thread helpful

I added 7 plants this week since space was getting tight so I swapped spaces to keep flower room temps lower and humidity in check this meant my veg space was too small for my needs and I pushed out plants to make space for more.

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Sick bro. I wanna be like you

You use dirt right? Do you have any recommendations for types of dirt I should get? I’m still at the seedling stage but want go straight to my final bucket after I see roots and need to prep.

Thx in advance Donald😁

I use sunshine mix #4 which is soilless but soil rules mostly apply and am working towards hydro DWC set up have begun adding dwc buckets to my rooms 2 dwc but better pump on the way and already picked up a couple 100L containers to serve as 3 plant units. Possibly 1 plant units with built in scrog still undecided need to see how my jack herer’s stretch to see if they are worth the extra time scroging Sea Of Green has always worked well for me :slight_smile: And if results of my 2 DWC doesn’t impress will stick to soil.


That sounds great. I’m just in awe watching my seedlings grow and need to begin prepping. I’m going to stick with soil for now. It’s my first indoor grow…basically my first grow…last time I grew outside and someone stole my plants after about a month :expressionless: …I want to go dwc in the future… but I got a lot of work to do to get that far

good thinking. so many of us run before we can even walk. including myself.

its amazing, once you to learn to walk properly…running is only slightly more effort.


Just a few pics to give better understanding what a perpetual grow may look like in flower room

line closest to me is days from being pulled in the back has just started 3rd week

in the middle are plants which are starting first week of being flipped

couple of DWC There is 17 plants in this room all told almost all are a week to 10 days apart from when they were added