Some questions from a fellow grower


Some questions from a fellow grower:

I was wondering how to get the rich purple color in my purple haze
that i see you guys have to advertise on the website and is there any
clear way while growing my OG Kush to get the same fine brown hairs? I’m
just a beginner and want to get things right.

My second question is How
can i get seedless crops so THC levels would be much higher,? how do i
notice the male from the female,? what are the signs is there a video or
pictures to know early as possible before it pollinate the rest of my
females. P.S sorry for so many Question I’m a very serious Grower with
my crops.


Let’s take one question at a time:

First, to get the rich purple color in the Purple Haze you will need to grow out and flower many plants. Only certain phenos will display that purple color, meaning not all of your plants even have the potential to display those colors. If you were to grow out many plants in search of the purple pheno, clone them, flower them and once you have found what you are looking for, keep the clones from that plant. Use those clones as mothers to grow out and and take clones from for future crops.

Next, the fine brown hairs in the OG Kush is not dependant on the way you grow, it is dependent on (again) the pheno type. The OG Kush has quite a diverse background and will display many different types of phenos. If you are looking for some specific quality, again, grow out a few plants from seed, take clones and once you have found what you are looking for, keep the clones from that plant and use them as mothers for future crops.

You can get seedless crops by pulling the males out before you flower. Males usually show sex before females, but not always. Download Robert’s grow bible here on this site to learn how to identify males from females. Or, there is and easier way… buy feminized seeds from Robert. They produce plants that are all females.

Hope this helps!


There is pictures everywhere on the difference in male and female plants I’m sure I even seen some on this site. But Google is your friend. Just ask for the different pictures of both.


I would recommend that you download our “Free Grow bible”. Read up on growing Marijuana a bit, then come back and clarify what ouzzles you. Peace :slight_smile: