Some questions about what's the next step for my grow? Switch to flower?

It is possible that with numbers like that, you did have some nutrient lockout from the buildup of expended nutrients. Essentially trying to feed someone chicken and broccoli while they still have a heaping plate of leftover mashed potatoes from last night. The salt buildup in the saucer would affect the reading but I don’t think it would be so dramatic if you didn’t have an equivalent salt buildup in the actual root zone.

Watering to runoff to get the PPMs/EC lower and continuing to feed the appropriate pH and EC when you feed will get it sorted out. But yes, if the plants have been going for a long time with that nutrient buildup, they’ve slowly been deprived of more and more nutrients until it became noticeable. That may explain small bud sizes, but phenotype I find is usually my best guess for why bud structure is generally funky in any number of ways.

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Hello again @Spudgunner,

Dang man, I’m really sorry to hear that, knowing she’s been suffering with this condition for close to 30 years, and also having to do risky procedures like a brain surgery :frowning: Makes sense that she can’t drive I guess, you never know when a seizure will strike, so it’s better that way for her safety, and other peoples’ also (despite being quite an inconvenience not being able to drive). Glad to hear that she’s finding relief from weed at least. Does she also get high, or it just acts as medicine for her? (Would be a win win if so!). That’s interesting to know, I thought that all weed (as long as it’s potent) would help, not just a particular strain. I imagine other strains help also, but maybe not to the same extent as Harlequin might? I think it would be more beneficial teaching her how to grow, first of all it’s a wondrous experience, and also, quite a handy skill to have in life, especially if she depends on it medicinally.

It’s kind of similar here where 2 grams of any drug is legal and will be considered possession, but repeat offences will net you in front of a rehab board which will require drug testing (pee tests) every 2 weeks or so for a year. Same here, part of the harm reduction policy is the reason they’re using, which makes perfect sense, as you said, drug addicts already have enough problems, last thing they need is being prosecuted by the law also when all they’re doing is trying to sustain their hobby/habit. That narcan kit sounds awesome, we don’t have that here, but we have the needle exchnage program like you stated. I don’t take anything else apart from weed, but I know other people that do, so it’s cool that stuff’s happening to make their lives a little easier at least.

Hello also @Graysin,

I’ll have to do another cycle once this grow finishes, that will bring me in flowering when it’s winter, so I’ll see if these problems arise again, or if it really was just the heat (and the plants getting close to the lights) that caused all the issues I faced. I reckon since it was really hot as well, the plants were drinking more rather than feeding, so that might have contributed to more nutes in the root zone?

I always make it a point to water to runoff every single day, which is why I don’t understand how I got those high numbers.

You mentioned phenotypes again, is it truly possible that I got that unlucky with all 3 strains having a bad pheno?

As for the pics I attached of the trichomes of the Amnesia Haze yesterday, you reckon she’s almost done? I see some amber on some of them (the first 2 pics mainly). I was thinking of chopping her sometime the coming week?

Final thing, from the buds I have drying, two snapped off today, the others’ branches are still bendy, think they’ll be done tomorrow and I could start jarring them? I hung them last Saturday, so they’ve been 6 days drying, and I don’t want to overdry them, they already feel crispy from the outside, and I read that wet trimming will take less time to dry than a dry trim since there will be less leaf matter.

Cheers for all the replies as always everyone :slight_smile: This grow is close to coming to an end, and I couldn’t have done it all without everyone’s input here.

Yep. Entirely possible. I’ve grown about 6 seeds from the same pack so far and they’ve all been wildly different. The most recent 2 are so pathetic genetically speaking that they have no real business still being alive. One of em may finally be biting the dust, not sure yet.

Can you give me a full plant shot of the Amnesia Haze?

They will - I’ve never used the branch method except incidentally, but I would say if the branches are still bendy, she’s not dry enough. The exterior of the bud will lose moisture first. Then the interior. When you jar them up to cure, it traps the humidity on the interior bud and homogenizes the entire bud again to be the right Rh.

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Yep! She used to get baked with her dad before he passed 5(??) years ago. The Harlequin is high in CBD which helps her, and another she like is called Pennywise (can’t find out any reference on any weed sites, probably some clown’s own breed). But she likes getting high a lot too, but those are her go to’s if she is starting to feel something coming on.

I’ve never really been into the smoking CBD for pain relief, I smoke to get high! And then I forget about my aches and pains! Have done medicinal CBD crystals (99% pure from a lab) but just to get rid of what I hooked my father-in-law up with (he did get a prescription for some 10/10 Tilray drops, 10mg THC and 10mg CBD). I finished that for him after he passed. He’s Scottish and wouldn’t have wanted it to go to waste!

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Hello again @Graysin,

Dang, that’s upsetting to hear. So I could be doing everything right the next run, and still end up with this horrible result? :confused:

Sure, here are pics of the plants, one of the Blueberry, and 2 for the Amnesia Haze from the top and side. As you can see, both plants don’t look too well now with lots of yellowing leaves,

Seedsman Blueberry:

RQS Amnesia Haze:

Why are the full plant pics important? Aren’t trichomes the way to judge if the plant is ready or not? I really think I should start thinking about harvesting these 2 plants, its 97F in the tent today…

Yeah, I also got these humidipacks called Interga Boost, they’re meant to provide 2 way humidity control and keep it in the 62% area for curing.

Hello also @Spudgunner

Nice! At least she’s still getting the fun benefits from medicating also, glad to know there is a silver lining in all the pain she goes through at the very least. Ah got it, so other stuff does also work then, but then she knows she can get guaranteed relief from those 2 strains, which is crucial for a condition so serious.

Haha yeah, same here about CBD. ‘I smoke to get high! And then I forget about my aches and pains!’, couldn’t have said it any better myself lol. I have no idea what these crystals and Tilray drops are, weed just got legal a few months ago here, so most of this stuff was completely inaccessible until recently. I really wish I got a better yield so I could have experimented with some edibles and other extracts apart from just hash. Of course it shouldn’t go to waste! Would be a crime to waste weed! I’m glad you took it upon yourself to finish his leftovers, I wouldn’t want it any other way either when I bite the bullet :laughing:

Yes and no. I’ll explain:

The full plant photos are important because you can see the general bud structure better from an overview pic than an up-close shot. More often than not, I find that my plants mature in waves. It will throw pistils, and some trichomes, which do turn cloudy while the plant is still throwing out new pistils and building more bud on top of the original bud stack. If I pulled my plant the moment I saw cloudy trichomes, I would very likely be pulling too early by several weeks. I learned from @HappyHydroGrower to evaluate trichomes and bud structure, because the buds when they are fully formed and ready to harvest will often “swell” or take on a round appearance. It’s sort of hard to describe, but once you see it a few times it may begin to make sense. The “swell” is a result of the pistils maturing and receding back into the bract, which creates the sort of rounded, “full” appearance. Once my buds are swollen and the trichomes are mature to my liking (I’m a 100% cloudy kinda preference, but I often end up around 10-80-10 or so), then I’ll harvest.

The lower growth on the Amnesia Haze looks like it needs more time. But I see why you’re worried, they do look rough around the edges.

I tagged HHG because his eyes are my second pair when it comes to ripeness evaluation. I would say you’re probably close to harvest, I would personally hold off til the lower growth on the AH had less fresh pistils, but it may be personal preference. Stand by for his take on your gals - if he says pull the trigger, I’ll second it.

Possible. Unlikely, only because even the sh!ttiest of my genetics yielded better results the second grow around (I cloned a mediocre plant and just keep growing her, call me sentimental). I got about an ounce off her the first time. The second time around I ended up at 2.5, just by doing things better. Literally the same genetics, which now that I’m a year into it I recognize are just plain bad genes - the buds are always small, like little rocks- not quite pebble but not much larger. I can get more and heavier bad buds, but they are indeed just meh in terms of stacking and structure. She’s also a diva. Once I flower out the last of her clones, I will probably move on and not keep growing the same thing.

I suggest playing around with cloning, because once you get a truly great cultivar, you will want to keep it around. I have a Chocolope right now I absolutely wish I had cloned before I flowered her - just stupid massive buds and nothing but neglect as a regiment. It is a crapshoot and it can be a bit disappointing at times to get meh genes, but at the end of the day you can still smoke it and it’ll still get you high. The good news is you got bad genetics out of the way so now you know how to handle them if you encounter them again.

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Thanks again for the tag.

I will say this on a couple of grows I’ve seen, if your grow environment is off… heat stress, lights stress… etc… buds may not act right come harvest time. The may not swell and or trics may not turn.
If you are giving them a good growing environment, they will most always swell and turn like they’re supposed to.

Not knowing the history of these plants, it’s hard to make an educated guess. There has definitely been some pH issues and maybe even some root problem. Since most plants with good growing environment, good genetics tend to finish within 9 or 10 weeks, if you’re around that mark, I would consider running water only till harvest. Your plants are not gonna recover and more than likely won’t turn and swell like they should due to the damage that’s been done. A lot of folks have been were you are. We can only learn from our mistakes and move on.

Also, for your plant, if you hairs are receding and the buds are taking on a darker shade, I would be willing to say you are there in that window of harvest. You will get high if you harvest today, yesterday or next week. Hope this helps some without sounding so negative about it. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Hello again @Graysin, thanks for the detailed reply, and also for tagging in @HappyHydroGrower, it’s really cool of you to call in help for the sake of my issue.

Thanks for this detailed explanation, it makes lots of sense (albeit made it even more confusing to know when to harvest exactly), but I definitely see what you mean about the bud structure also apart from the trichomes.

Well, it looks like he suggested to start a flush then harvest cause my time frames match what he suggested, which seems like a good idea as well, the plants look really beat up. Amazing how they went from being so beautiful less than a month ago, to a complete burnt mess now.

Glad to know at least. I’m also hoping that it being winter then next time I hit the flowering stage, and also better LST this time round to keep the plants shorter should help also (they got very close to the light this time). I’m sorry to hear about your experience with bad genes, must be disheartening getting such a low yield time after time till your figured out it was genetics and not really your fault.

I can see what you mean about the benefits of cloning and finding those great genetics to keep repeatedly growing, but I’m more of a start from seed kind of guy. There are so many different strains that I would like to experience, both for growing and also smoking. Besides, I have such a little apartment that it would be impossible to set up a cloning tent or something similar (it was tough enough finding space for this current grow tent believe me). And then… we’ve got the beast that is tolerance, I adapt to a strain after a while of smoking it constantly and don’t even get half the buzz it usually is capable of giving, no matter how good it is. I experimented with T-breaks in the past, but dang, not smoking for a while just to rejuvenate the effects for less than a week is rough, I like smoking every day. Lol sure, I encountered bad genetics, but don’t really know how to fix the issue except tough it out and hope for the best you can from them.

Cheers for all your constant help in this topic @Graysin, you really have been so patient and so great!

Hello also @HappyHydroGrower, thanks for also taking the time to reply.

Yep, I have been struggling with heat stress just after the flowering stretch ended. The plants growing too close to the light, plus temperature starting to get warmer due to summer is when my issues started. Plants were still beautiful in their 3rd week from flip.

I’m baffled about the pH issue, I’ve been giving them Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect, so was always feeding the correct pH and recommended PPM, and also made it a point to always water till runoff (I’m in coco), so I really don’t understand how this happened. I never considered a root issue, how so?
Yeah the plants will be finishing Week 10 from flip to 12/12 tomorrow (so about 8 weeks actual flowering time). I was thinking to start flushing them tomorrow till Thursday, then harvest them on Friday, just in time to go to trim jail for the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, nah. not sounding negative, it’s constructive criticism, I’m new to all this (first grow), didn’t expect to be growing a pound my first time round, although I expected a better result after all the daily effort I put in and going with a very pricey nutrient line. Hoping next grow will be better cause I’ll be in winter come flowering time, so heat stress shouldn’t be an issue anymore :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to reply also. I appreciate your input.

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Hello everyone, @Graysin (just thought I’d tag you because you deserve this good news after all the input you’ve provided in this grow), just a positive update this time round :slight_smile: The Critical’s branches which have been drying since last Saturday in an airconditioned room at 21C/70F and 55% RH have been jarred, and I was pleasantly surprised! They weighed in at 124 grams! :smiley: I was expecting 40 - 50 grams seeing as how the grow went South towards the end! I am so happy with this, if the Amnesia Haze yields the same amount (which I’m estimating it should, looks quite similar in structure to how the Critical did), I would have hit the 250g limit I require between harvests :smiley: Unfortunately, the Blueberry looks so bad, I highly doubt it will yield anything significant at ll :frowning: Here’s a pic of the Critical buds in jars, each jar is around 30g.

I put a humidity pack into each jar to keep humidity at the recommended 62% for curing. The only thing that’s worrying me slightly is that they have quite a weird smell, doesn’t really smell like weed, but hopefully that’s part of the drying/curing process and the aroma will develop after a 2 week cure?

Thanks again for everyone’s input, really happy with these results! Looking forward to taking down the Amnesia Haze next weekend! :smiley:


Yep. My buds stink like chlorophyll- not quite like fresh cut grass but very reminiscent of old lawn clippings - for a few days to a few weeks after drying and trimming. They return to “weed” smell after that.

Congratulations on such a good harvest! I’m sure you’re glad to have a nice reserve while you get rolling on new ladies!


Yeah, something like that, the fresh cut grass smell was there on the first couple of days of drying, now it does smell like lawn clippings instead. Can’t wait for the curing process to move on, really want to give them a taste, but I’ll wait patiently :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind compliments, and thank you so much once again for all your help! You really have no idea how much your comments and input helped a newbie out. Yep, I was surprised, didn’t think she would yield that much seeing as the buds didn’t fatten up as they were supposed to!

Thanks once again, I know I’ve said it before, but you really have been beyond great! I’ll update with the chopping of the Amnesia Haze and Blueberry next week, and dry weight of each a week or so after that once dried :slight_smile:

Best wishes to the whole community! :smiley:

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Well, I’m back with an update after a weekend in trim jail again. Does it take everyone this long, or am I being too thorough? Took me around 14 hours give or take…

Here they are, this is the Blueberry, which turned out extremely pitiful unfortunately :frowning:

Here’s the RQS Amnesia Haze which is much more bountiful:

Here’s all of them hanging in that make-shift drying tent:

The majority is the Amnesia Haze, the Blueberry is the dark green row at the bottom right. Have them all hung in there in my bedroom with the A/C on at 21C/70F and 55% RH :slight_smile:

The RQS Critical I jarred up last week is doing ok I think. Been a week in curing now. I burp the jar 2 or 3 times a day for around 10 mins each time. Is that ok? That musky smell it had when I originally jarred it left thankfully, but it still doesn’t smell like weed for some reason :confused:

On another note, the Amnesia Haze and Blueberry aren’t emitting too much smell. When I hung up the Critical to dry, it literally made my bedroom reek of freshly cut grass. Hope nothing is wrong with the Amnesia Haze/Blueberry.

Thanks everyone for all the help in this journey! :smiley: You’ve all been so great! I’ll update with dry weight of the Amnesia Haze and Blueberry in a week or so once I think they’re dry enough to be put in jars :slight_smile:

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At first, yes. It takes forever and then it takes a little less time next time, and next time even less.

Sometimes plants just don’t ever take on the same kind of smell. I would see if someone who isn’t around weed often can smell it - I can’t really smell my plants anymore. :sweat_smile: most any of them.


Cheers for jumping in to reply again @Graysin

Yeah I noticed I start to speed up as time goes on, but it’s still a long, gruelling process. And all I had was 3 plants total! Feel sorry for the growers here with massive tents! Must take days to get that all done x_X I might look into one of these trimming machines further down the line (I think it was called ipower), but I’m sure there must be a catch, nothing comes without a trade-off.

Well I can’t say it smells bad (unlike when I originally jarred it), it does have quite a desirable smell now actually, it just doesn’t really smell like weed is all (unless maybe that’s what the Critical is meant to smell like??). Well, this coming Sunday it’ll be 2 weeks curing in jars, so hopefully I could sample it (read that 2 weeks is the minimum cure time), and hope for the best from there :slight_smile: I’m reducing the frequency of burping the jars now. Went from 3 times a day to once a day. Hope that’s OK. There are so many different opinions on drying and curing reading on the net.


I have the IPower bowl trimmer and love it. It’s not for larfy or large buds but it does smaller buds just great as long as you don’t turn the crank too many times. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Can smoke soon as will burn. Cure just smooths it out. If wanna sample and in range go for it. Maybe a touch harsh but thc only goes down with age. Just my thoughts. I am totally nit averse to snatching a fresh bud. Man the stuff we got growing up got a cure in a pigs eye.


Thanks for the confirmation. I saw some reviews for it on Amazon which speak quite highly of it also. One reviewer said he did a whole plant in just 30 minutes, which would be really nice instead of spending a whole weekend on it! In your opinion, there’s no downsides to using it? Sounds too good to be true!

Oh believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted to smoke this a week ago, it had a really musky smell for some reason, it smelled kind of like entering a stuffy room when opening the jars. Smells much better now thankfully. I let it dry for 8 days in an air-conditioned room, and the stems were snapping mostly, so I don’t think I jarred it too quickly. Really don’t know where that weird smell came from :confused: Yeah I could imagine street dealers skipping the cure, time is money I guess, and jarring them will take up valuable warehouse space also.

Cheers for the replies everyone :slight_smile:

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Everyone was in the 70’s…:grin:


Let me say this. It’s not for folks that want to turn around and sell their buds. Down side would be too many cranks of the handle and it will make your buds smaller and it’s not good for large buds. If you cut up the large tight buds a little, they’ll do fine.
The shake that comes off the buds are ideal for decarbing. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Dang, must have been one hell of a good time. Really sorry I was born after the hippie era :cry: I would have fit right in.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m not going to be selling so it’s not really an issue then :slight_smile:

I know this sounds like a noob question but decarbing if making edibles correct? Can that shake be used to make hash instead (dry ice and ice water hash)?