Some questions about what's the next step for my grow? Switch to flower?

Hello again @Graysin, thanks so much for all the replies, you really answered all my questions perfectly, you really are beyond awesome! :smiley:

Thanks for all the info about DE, I’ll start the first application tonight before lights out and hope to start seeing improvements :slight_smile:

Got it, exhaust is at speed 9 from 10 (I have AC Infinity S6 with the Smart Controller). Lucky you for living somewhere with low humidity. We’re on a small island surrounded by sea from all sides here, so humidity is usually 80% - 100% outdoors most of the time!

Aww, that’s a double edged sword. Sucks cause if it’s 6 weeks still got a while to go before tasting these girls (got drying and curing also apart from the 4-6 weeks!), but on the plus side they’ve got quite a good amount of time to fatten up more! :smiley:

Yeah, thought that would be heat stress, I took too long to flip, and ended up with the Critical and Amnesia Haze 12" away from the lights :confused: Really hope I make it to harvest with no issues in the coming weeks :confused:

Thanks for saying they’re looking happy though, fingers crossed! And thanks soooo much again for all your informative replies. Wishing you the best, I really mean that.

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@MeEasy Hello again, just asking you this about the painted fingernails since you were the one that had brought this to my attention originally. It’s been 3 days since the defoliation I’ve done, and the painted fingernails are browning now from yellow. I’ve been feeding the same nute schedule for the past 3 weeks now, so PPM has been consistent for quite a while. I reckon this is suddenly happening because of the defoliation, so the same amount of nutes have to go to less parts of the plant (example, 40 leaves instead of 100)?

Here is what I mean, a before and after pic of each plant, notice especially on the Blueberry and Amnesia Haze how much browner the tips got.

RQS Critical directly after defoliation:

RQS Critical 3 days later:

Seedsman Blueberry directly after defoliation:

Seedsman Blueberry 3 days later:

RQS Amnesia Haze directly after defoliation:

RQS Amnesia Haze 3 days later:

Am I still in the safe zone of calling this painted fingernails, or has this elevated to nute burn now?

Thanks once again in advance, hope you’re doing well.


I still think it’s the same thing but it’s probably time to start decreasing the food just a little as they go further along they will eat less


The green in the pics, looks too dark. Not sure if it is the lighting, the photos, or if it really is too dark green. Very dark green leaves is indicative of too much Nitrogen.

If it is the photos, I’d not worry about her nails.

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Hello again @MeEasy, thanks again for taking the time to reply. Ah right, I didn’t think they were exactly the same thing. Thought that when the tips were slightly yellow that would be ‘painted fingernails’ and still safe, like pushing the girls hard but they could take it, but then if they went brown it means that it’s going overboard.

Decrease the food? I’ve never heard of this from all the reading I’ve done :confused: Thought now would be when the girls would actually want the most so they could focus on bud and resin production, especially being defoliated and not having so many leaves to store a reserve of nutrients in. I am by no means arguing, I’m just trying to learn more, especially when I read something that goes against all the previous research I’ve done.

Hello @Newt, thanks also for pitching in. I think/hope the dark green is from the lighting hitting the top of the plant directly influencing the colour, as I go lower down the plant it gradually starts looking a more lighter green, especially where it’s shadier. I’m using an Electric Sky which has a kind of ‘sunset’/pinkish hue to it’s spectrum, not pure white, so this might alter the actual colour a bit. Shouldn’t really be too much nitrogen I hope, I’ve been on Bloom nutes for the past 5 weeks now which focus more on P and K rather than N, and all the extra supplements I’m using are P and K also. Thanks for the heads up about not worrying about the fingernails :slight_smile:

Thank you both for taking the time to reply, I know I ask a lot of questions, but dang, this grow sure hasn’t been smooth sailing, and even after all that research I did, practice and theory are 2 very different things. Sounded way easier to do all this when I was just reading about it rather than actually implementing it now. Still, although it’s challenging and had lots of twists and turns, it’s been extremely fun, I’ve developed a deeper love for this magical plant since I started growing! :smiley: Ed Rosenthal had said that growing is more addictive than smoking, and it’s sooooo true!

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Hello again everyone, it’s been 2 weeks since I last updated here, and I REALLY need someone’s help please. I’m dealing with heat stress, a plant that I just noticed is making seeds (did she herm?), and maybe a plant that is ready to harvest, and I have no idea how to proceed. Let me start with pics to bring everyone up to speed, and I’ll post the questions at the end. Tagging you @Graysin and @MeEasy just cause you’ve helped me multiple times in this grow, but of course anyone is welcome to provide advice. So, here we go with the pics first:

RQS Critical:

Seedsman Blueberry:

RQS Amnesia Haze:

I just received a microscope which I can hook up to my phone to view the trichomes, here are some pics of each plant under the scope:

RQS Critical:

Seedsman Blueberry: (notice 3 seeds that show in the bottom of the pics)

RQS Amnesia Haze:

So, here are the issues I’ve got, some info before I get into them though in case it helps. Temp and humidity are 89F with lights on, 82F with lights off, and 45-55% humidity. Today is the final day of Week 8 since I flipped to 12/12, and my plants’ flowering estimates are:
RQS Critical 7-8 Weeks
Seedsman Blueberry 8-9 Weeks
RQS Amnesia Haze 10-12 Weeks
I’ve been told to start counting around 2 weeks after flip though (when the flowers start forming) rather than when I actually flipped.

  1. This is what is worrying me most, the Blueberry that is making seeds, why is this? Did she herm? Can she pollinate the other 2 plants? Should I chop her asap? Here’s a pic with an arrow to some of the seeds, there’s a big one directly to the right of the arrow, and some very small ones just under it like a cluster of 3.

  2. If I chop the Blueberry, do I dry and cure her buds, or can I make some extracts from them, or the whole plant just goes in the bin? If so, should I give her a flush or get her out of there asap?

  3. The Critical has lots of yellow blotches on the leaves which can be seen in the first pic I posted above. What are these? She looks quite unhealthy now with lots of burnt tips and edges also :confused:

  4. Is the Critical done from the trichome pics? I see some amber at the bottom of the pics, but these look like they’re on the leaves and not the bud. Most of the trichomes look milky white to me rather than clear. Should I start flushing her?

  5. Why didn’t the Critical or the Blueberry fatten up and make nice big colas? They look more like flowers scattered close to each other rather than pics I’ve seen with nice dense colas :frowning:

  6. I’m getting lots of these dying leaves with black shriveled tips around the middle and bottom of the plants, is this normal? The Blueberry even has some on the tips of the leaves touching the buds, not just the fan leaves.

  7. The Critical and Amnesia Haze have lots of whitish buds at the bottom like so:

    These look very different to the ones at the top which are more developed and have lots of amber hairs on them. Any info?

  8. The Amnesia Haze and the top leaves of the Critical are looking really beat up, like so:

    Is this still in the margin of safety? I reckon this is from heat stress?

  9. Final question, one of the nutes I have is called Overdrive which is meant to be used 2 weeks prior to flush, should I start this on the Critical, or it’s too late? What about the Amnesia Haze?No point asking about the Blueberry I reckon.

I’d like to apologize for the long post and all the questions, I know it takes you members time and effort to answer. Dang though, this grow sure hasn’t been easy. HUGE thanks in advance to everyone here though. Best wishes to all!

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Blueberry is making seeds because she was pollinated. Whether she was pollinated by herself or another plant in the room is unclear still. I see some pictures that look potentially like there may be nanners present (small male flowers that emerge from the female flowers/bud areas).

Specifically, the first up-close trichome shot of the RQS Critical. Interestingly enough, I grew a RQS Royal Cookies autoflower that most definitely threw nanners toward end of life. RQS may just be more susceptible to stress or perhaps they use a common parent plant that has a propensity to herm.

Either one. You may have some seeds here and there, but it looks like a good plant all the same. Extract is the easiest way to use seedy weed without having to sift out all the seeds.

I suspect she is your herm plant. I wouldn’t waste my time flushing, I’d just pull it.

Partly genetics, partly if what I think is true is true, then the RQS Hermed - not sure when, possibly early on - she may have pollinated Blueberry equally early on. The reason we don’t enjoy pollinated plants is because if it happened early in flower, the plant spends her energy making seeds instead of buds. That could account for low yield.

Stuff not exposed to light is slower to develop. Totally normal and one of many reasons growers will do a selective harvest - aka just cut the most mature buds and leave the rest to continue to mature.

It looks like nutrient toxicity.

I’d just pull the critical.

I’d sooner spend 2 weeks finishing those than the probable herm.

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Is that a nanner at 2 o’clock? I think you got a case of the nanners, not a hermie. A hermie would have produced way more seeds.
The seeds that you get out of these, keep! They should be feminized, from what I’ve read on nanners vs hermies.
I found 3 on my Bruce Banner auto. Fortunately early enough and they hadn’t opened, and I plucked them out with tweezers. That was all, just 3 over a week period on 1 bud. That was a month or so ago, it’s got another week hopefully 'til done. I almost wish I let them pollinate and seed out, but I am out of MY weed now and part way thru a dispensary oz…and I will need another before my Bruce is smokable.

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First of all, thank you soooo much both of you for such a prompt reply. I really appreciate that cause I really have been worrying since I saw these seeds pop up.

Aw dang, it’s in the Critical? :frowning: that’s a massive shame, cause she’s my biggest plant, has half of the tent all to herself. So I should chop her asap? Can I still dry, cure and smoke her, or it’s a lost cause because of the nanners?

Do I need to chop the Blueberry also then since we think the cause is from the Critical? Or should I give her more time and start her on Overdrive?

You say to not flush because she has nanners and it’s a case of urgency in case she pollinates other plants, or cause flush isn’t really that important in the state her trichomes are at?

Oh no sorry, I didn’t explain myself clearly, what I meant was I’ve seen plenty of pics of Criticals with beautiful big dense colas, I meant, why didn’t my plant do it? Heat stress?

I reckon this is the reason why the Blueberry has been on pause for the last 3 weeks then? Her bud development looks so far behind compared to the other 2 plants, so I reckon she was devoting her energy to making seeds instead of growing buds?

Right, good to know it’s normal. But in my case since the Critical has nanners, I can’t do a selective harvest and just chop off everything correct?

It’s only at the top half of the plant though, the middle looks fine, which is why I thought it was heat stress. Wouldn’t a nute toxicity affect the whole plant? (I’m asking to learn here, not arguing or dismissing your answer)

So, I leave the Blueberry in there with the Amnesia Haze and start them both on Overdrive then as the next course of action?

If I could dry and cure the Critical, will it be ok to chop it branch by branch? I can’t really get a 2 foot wide plant out of the closet whole.

As for the drying, I read on growweedeasy to keep temp at 21C (69F), so I was thinking of buying this and using it as a ‘drying tent’:

Was thinking of putting this in my bedroom with the A/C on at 21C. Will that work? Will I need to make some modifications to the canvas wardrobe, like holes for extraction, add a fan in there? I can’t really just hang them in the bedroom due to light since I’m in there most of the time watching TV, I read that light degrades trichomes.

Hello also @Spudgunner Thank you for also pitching in so quick. By keep the seeds, you mean I just dry the buds like normal, and then pull the seeds off of them (like when you find bag seeds in low quality buds?) or is there a specific process I need to do for them?

So these seeds will be a Critical x Blueberry cross?

Ouch, I’m sorry to hear you went through the issue recently, I’m seeing firsthand how distressing it could be! Yeah, I get you about that, running low on weed is an issue, and buying sure adds up for people that smoke several times daily. Wishing you the best with your grow also, hope you’ll have a great harvest despite the recent issue.

Thanks once again for your replies both of you, I really appreciate it.

Take a look on her - bottom growth is the most likely culprit - you’re looking for things that look like this:

That’s someone else’s plant but is an excellent depiction of nanners.

The Blueberry should be removed only if it looks like the Blueberry has nanners too. You’ll be the best one to see and determine that.

Both, really. Flushing is unnecessary in my personal viewpoint, but more than that, the last thing you want if she has nanners is to let them grow unchecked for another 2 weeks. That’s two more weeks of pollen creating and releasing for her to do.

That said, the state of the trichomes being cloudy+amber = pretty much done, so no reason to let it go longer and cause potential harm.

Answer is the same. Genetics. Cannabis is just like human children. Your brother or sister probably looks sort of like you but your cousin probably looks even less like you than immediate relatives. With strains, even seeds that came off the exact same plant from the same mother & father (or for feminized plants, the same mother and mother), they will be more like brother and sister than like identical twins. With the same mother but a different father/mother, the exact same strain will very likely have more diversity, like cousins or even second cousins. You very easily could have just gotten a bad genetic roll of the dice. I most certainly did with one of my ILGM Zkittlez plants. Shit roll of the dice, but still bud I can turn into concentrate so oh well.


I wouldn’t bother. But see above :arrow_up: about checking her over thoroughly and looking for nanners or Male flowers. If you can find and remove them, you could remove her most mature buds and let the rest ripen more. But that is going to be a question of whether it’s worth the time and energy to remove nanners now and go back and look for them again every day between now and when you harvest the remainder. They will likely re-emerge.

Not necessarily. There’s a difference between mobile and immobile nutrients. Here’s an article that may be helpful - I think it’s safe as they aren’t selling anything: Cannabis nutrient deficiencies & leaf problems | Leafly

That would be my plan.

I hate to play devil’s advocate here. Even if the seed is feminized, it will carry the genetic propensity to produce male flowers during her flowering phase. I would not keep seeds from an unintentional pollination, personally. I have enough good seeds to not want to waste my time getting all the way to flower and having to play nanner patrol.

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Hello again @Graysin Thanks for your time in all your replies.

Thanks, I gave a good look today on all the plants. Thankfully I could only see them on a few buds of the Critical, but they’re not as profound as the pics you sent, I couldn’t see them without the microscope, and they were only on the top most growth, not bottom.

Couldn’t find any on the Blueberry, all I could see are small seeds forming around some nodes, hope they’re actually seeds and not pollen sacs. . .

Yeah definitely, lots could happen in another 2 weeks. I should be picking up that canvas wardrobe on Wednesday and chopping the Critical. Hope I’ll at least yield something from her. . .

Good to know that the trichomes were ‘pretty much done’ at least, maybe it won’t affect the quality too much chopping her now.

I understand what you mean, but it’s hard to believe that I got unlucky with all 3 genetics though, especially them being all different strains, and also one of them being from a different breeder. None of of the 3 plants really fattened up. The Amnesia Haze is the bulkiest from the 3, but still nowhere near those thick dense colas I see on other peoples’ journals. Hoping maybe she’ll fatten up in the last 3 remaining weeks. Started Overdrive on her today.

I’m sorry to hear you had bad luck with the genetics. I imagine it’s just something every grower will have to experience sometime in this hobby though, kind of like bugs. I had read that you’re bound to encounter them one day (which is something I’m really not looking forward to).

I agree. I think it’s more worth it just counting my losses on this one rather than toying around hunting for nanners, I’m bound to miss one, and I don’t want to jeopardize the Amnesia Haze.

Thanks for the link.

Started Overdrive on them today, fingers crossed. . .

Oooh right, noted. I wouldn’t want to go through this again, so I guess it won’t be worth keeping those seeds then if they have the possibility of going hermie also so late into the cycle.

Thanks once again for all your help, I really can’t stress that enough. Wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for everyone’s help here. Still feel disappointed with the end result though, I did a lot of research and put a lot of effort into this (mixing nutes daily, several defoliations), and I highly doubt I’m going to manage to hit the 250g limit I require to be self-sufficient :’(

Leads me to looking at your setup. Lights, space, CO2 availability (do you spend lots of time in the grow room - that’s the best way to give em co2), RH, temps, etc.

For what it’s worth, my first several autos yielded almost nothing. My first decent auto was only 1.5 oz. I can regularly get 2-3oz now but it took perfecting my grow style before I could do that.

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Hello again @Graysin, I would like to start off by thanking you again, you’ve been replying daily to me, and I just want you to know that I really appreciate that.

Lights are Electric Sky V3 (330W)
Space is 4x2 Gorilla Grow Tent
Ventilation is AC Infinity S6 with the Smart Controller, and 3 6" clip on fans (1 blowing on the top of the pots, one on top of the canopy, and the other on the lights to keep them cooler)
I spend around an hour a day with the plants
The tent is in a closet/box room measuring 15 ft x 3 ft, which I leave the door slightly open to.
RH was between 60-70% in veg, now in flower it’s at 48-62%, most commonly in the mid-50s though.
Temps started off at 18C (64F) here since I dropped seeds in February, steadily increasing where it’s at 32-33C (89-91F) now. Since using the dehumidifier, temps went up by 3C (6F) with it.

The only thing I think I could have wrong with my set up is that I only have 1 passive intake port at 6 inches, while the exhaust is also 6 inches. The other 2 intake ports are blocked by walls cause the tent is in a corner. I had read that for passive intake, the intake needs to be at least double what the exhaust is. I highly doubt this is the issue though, as the plants were growing marvelously in veg, even after stressful events like topping and manifolding. All the problems started showing up as soon as the flowering stretch was over, which is why I keep mentioning heat stress a lot, cause that’s when the Critical (and soon after, the Amnesia Haze) started showing cupping leaves. None of these on the Blueberry which stayed 9 inches shorter than the Critical.

Dang, I’m sorry to hear that, sounds like you had it rough till you got into the groove also :confused: 3oz from an auto is quite nice though, I’d be really happy with that if I had 3 or 4 of them in the tent :slight_smile: (we have a 4 plant legal limit here)

So I got the canvas wardrobe today which will serve as the ‘drying tent’, I’ll be taking down the Critical tomorrow as soon as I get home from work. I’m going to have this in my bedroom with the A/C on at 21C, read in several sources that 21-22C is the optimal drying temp. Just making sure I’m doing this correctly.

And, I’m going to be wet trimming. So just to make sure I don’t continue botching up this ‘harvest’ more than it already is, I need to trim off all the small leaves like so?:

Example top bud:

Just cut around the red line?:

Same here but with a side bud:

And finally, these small white buds at the bottom of the plant just above the net:

Do I trim around them also and dry them, or they’ll be useless so just chuck them in with the trim?

Got Bubble Bags, so am thinking of making some water hash and dry sift with the trim :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all your patience @Graysin. I just really can’t express that enough with words.

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I hear frequently that 60-65°F is the ideal range - I’m no use with Celsius conversions without using a calculator so at the moment that’s what I have to offer.

Edit to amend - I don’t stress my drying temps or RH too much. It’s too dry here to have a risk of mold and too hot to achieve a slow dry, so I just do my best.

I dry trim, but I will generally trim anything that resembles a bud and doesn’t fall apart while removing leaves. You’re dead on - for wet trimming, the best thing to do is flip the plant upside down and snip off all the stems of the leaves. I remove fans first, then large sugar leaves, then small sugar leaves. If the small leaves are too embedded in the bud, just using trimmers to cut off the majority of the leaf is fine.

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@MagicCultivator420 Canadian eh? And you believe that 4 plant limit? Lol, must be in Ontario! If you were near Vancouver like me, you wouldn’t sweat the limit, lol! I have 18 outside now and 3 in my tent! Trying to pawn off 4 little clones and then put 10 more in the tent, leaving my legal 4 outside!

When I wet trim, if I can see the base of a leaf where it connects to the stalk, I cut it. If it’s in the middle of a bud, those are sugar leaves, leave them on while drying to protect the bud. Once dry, that’s trim, not bad to smoke or make edibles from. If you cut where you circled, you will be cutting your buds in half and knocking a bunch of trichomes off.

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Hey @Graysin, @Spudgunner, pardon me for the delayed reply, been really busy and got stuck in trim jail for the first time also (the name really fits the task, took hours!!!).

Thanks for this, especially the part about flipping it upside down, helped much more than you’d think!

Nope, European actually. Ah, more than 4 plants will be treated as trafficking here then, and it carries a 10 year prison sentence. It used to be 6 years before, but after this new law passed making recreational use legal, they increased the penalties for trafficking to discourage people more from doing so. Wow, 18 plants outside, and 3 in? You’re lucky and must be in heaven come harvest day lol, must be swimming in bud haha xD (although trim jail must be a nightmare!!)

Thanks for your input also, I tried an approach combining your advice with what @Graysin stated also, cheers for all the help everyone.

So, here’s the update, I’ll start off with the good part, and end the post with a new issue I’m facing (it never has to be simple does it???)

So, I cut down the Critical hermie last week, that’s 3 oven dishes full to the brim:

And trimmed from this:

To this:

This is all the branches hanging in the ‘drying tent’ (that canvas wardrobe I mentioned a couple posts back):

And a close up of some of the buds hung:

What do you all think? The smell was outrageous for the first 3 days, sooooo strong!! It diffused a bit now, but still easily noticeable. Ooh btw, I also smoked some of the scissor/finger hash! It was delightful, very stoney effect! I ended up with around 150 grams of trim which is currently in 2 ziplock bags in the freezer. I’ll be running them through the bubble bags soon. Was going to make some of it as ice water hash, and some as dry ice hash. Hoping it will be as good as the scissor hash!

So, here’s the new issue I’m facing with the remaining 2 plants in the tent. They developed these white spots on the lower leaves, some leaves even going mostly white. (Please don’t tell me this is powdery mildew when I’m so close to finishing this whole grow):

And what’s wrong with the Blueberry? She’s really not looking too good all of a sudden :confused:

This can’t be heat or light stress this time unlike the Critical, it’s mostly the bottom and middle leaves that are doing this.

Cheers again for all the replies and advice everyone :slight_smile: and I would like to apologize once again for the delay in my reply.


Remind me if this is soil or coco?

I’ve seen leaves look like this (on my own plants, no less!) - for me, it was a result of some major root damage. Since you haven’t recently transplanted or impaled your entire root system with large bamboo skewers (giving you ideas how not to repeat my mistakes), I am inclined to say you’re looking at a pretty advanced magnesium deficiency.

Which leads me to ask- pH? And have you been feeding CalMag regularly (or Epsom salts)?

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I gave 4 to the neighbour behind me, a good way to keep him from hopping the fence later in the summer! I’ve done 6 before in our old complex, but last 2 runs were only my legal 4. I started with 3 this run (2 photos and 1 auto), and I’ve always liked cloning. Next think you know…BOOM! There’s a ton more of illegals! So I’ve never had to spend days in trim jail, I’m kinda looking forward to it this time! Altho the auto is almost done now, then the 2 photo mothers will be done in 5 weeks or so. I am putting 10 clones in the tent under 12/12 so they will be ready in 10 to 12 weeks but are only 1’ tall so they will be small and easy, 1 big cola and small stuff.
Outside, my 2 autos are just starting to flower, and the 2 photos will hopefully be done end of September to mid October.

If I got busted today with all I have, they would probably just confiscate them all. Or maybe just the excess ones. There are much larger problems the cops and courts are facing…gang wars, fentanyl, etc. It’s not like I have a sophisticated system and making money from it, I grow for me and that’s it.
Altho once I get a good supply, I do plan of growing some for my niece who suffers from seizures and nausea and stuff.

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Hello again @Graysin, so:

Coco with perlite, 70/30 mix.

Yikes, sorry to hear about that! Yeah, I try not messing with the roots as much as possible, thanks for the heads up though!

I’m not feeding CalMag, I had asked Advanced Nutrients about it before I started the grow, and they told me that the Coco base nutes have enough Cal and Mag that it wouldn’t need to be added (I was worried about how coco is known to drain these 2 nutes before the plant takes them which is why I asked before I started). For your reference, these are the nutes I’m giving which have Magnesium in them:

Coco Bloom Part A:


Bud Factor X:

Bud Candy:

So, I checked the pH and EC/PPM as you suggested, and I think that is where the problem is:
pH and EC/PPM of a new mix is 5.7 pH and 2720 EC/1360 PPM. Here is the shocker. . . Runoff pH of the Blueberry was 4.7, while the Amnesia Haze’s was 5.0. It gets worse, the runoff EC was 3999 / 2000 PPM (the maximum my EC meter could read) for both of the plants.

Is this a serious problem? Could this be reason why my buds didn’t fatten up so much? (some form of nute lockout, or toxicity on the rootzone?). I am worried that these readings might not be accurate though, wouldn’t salt build up in the saucers alter these readings (i.e. spike them up?)

While I was at it I checked the trichomes with the microscope. Here are the Blueberry’s, they still look all white to me, what do you think?

And here are the Amnesia Haze’s. I took a sample from 2 different buds, and one of them is showing some amber while the other is still white but with amber on the leaves. Here’s the bud with amber trichomes at the top of the bud:

Here’s the bud without amber trichomes:

Here’s what I meant about the amber trichomes on the leaves, but still white on the bud:

The buds are same height away from the lights, so it’s not like I took a sample from one high up, and another at the middle of the plant, so why does one look ready (does it?) and the other doesn’t?

Hello again also @Spudgunner,

That’s smart haha, keeps him away come harvest time cause he’ll have his own! Smart idea! Ah yeah, cloning will make it much easier to end up skipping the legal limit, I could see that. I’m more of a start from seed kind of guy though, there are so many different strains, I want to try lots of different ones rather than smoking the same stuff all the time (plus my tolerance is horrible, I’ll quickly adapt to it if I keep smoking the same strain). It’s also nice seeing the miracle of life sprouting from that seed, was one of the most magical moments of the grow in my opinion. Sounds like you’ve got quite a perpetual harvest going there, tough to run out of weed like that! :smiley: Best of luck with all the plants!

You’re lucky in that sense, laws are very strict here on drug use, I’m actually surprised they made recreational weed legal, especially with the possibility to grow too. I thought if it would ever end up legal here it would be just through dispensaries, not allowing growing. There was lots of backlash about it, so they had to up the penalties for people that break this new law then to keep the nay-sayers happy (and there were A LOT of nay-sayers believe me!). I agree, weed is harmless and there are so many other bigger problems in life, but that’s the world we live in unfortunately. Dang man, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your niece, that must be truly horrible. Weed should be able to help her, there was this kid in the UK that suffers from seizures, and his mother started giving him weed in the form of oils iirc, and it stops the seizures in their tracks! REALLY hope your niece could find relief from her health issues mate, those are surely the worst thing someone could ever experience in life :frowning:

Thanks again for your replies everyone.

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Yeah, my niece has had epilepsy since she was a child. Huge seizures. She wen tot a brain specialist and they found a wrinkle in her brain, where it didn’t “unfold” right. They did surgery and it helped a lot, her seizures aren’t as often or as severe. But she isn’t allowed to drive and is still at home with my sister (she’s now in mid-30’s I think!). She started smoking years ago with her dad to help control them, and the strain that really helps is Harlequin. So next year I’m going to get some photo seeds of that so I can keep one going for her, but I think she’ll probably smoke it faster than I can grow it! Maybe I’ll take some clones and take them up to her (about 2-1/2 hour drive away) next spring if I time things right, and she can grow them on their back deck.
British Columbia is leading the country as far as its drug laws. Come January 2023, ALL drug possession under 2.5 grams will be legal, coke, heroin, meth. Part of their Harm Reduction strategy. Addict can’t help but use drugs, so it’s pointless to burden them with criminal records and expect them to get jobs if/when they quit. We have free needle exchange programs and safe injections sites where they can be monitored in case they OD. They also give out narcan kits to anyone who wants them, as Naloxone can reverse OD’ing and save lives.
Finally, a government doing something right!