Some questions about what's the next step for my grow? Switch to flower?

Hello again everyone, just thought I’d update.

So buds seem to be forming nicely (I think, remember this is my first time). Here are some pics:

RQS Critical:

Seedsman Blueberry:

RQS Amnesia Haze:

I’m quite happy with the results so far, this is day 17 since flip. Just one little problem I encountered today, the Critical’s leaves are cupping upwards, I imagine this is due to light / heat stress. Here are the heights away from the light and the DLI.

12" away from the light, DLI 35 - 46 depending on which cola.

21" away from the light, DLI 25 - 28

Amnesia Haze:
16" away from the light, DLI 23-32

I cannot raise the light anymore, so I dimmed the intensity back a bit (15%). New DLI readings:

27 - 37


Amnesia Haze:

I also increased the extractor (I have AC Infinity with the smart controller) to speed 7 from 6 to help a bit. Temp at the canopy is 23C (73F).

Am I tackling this correctly? Will the cupped leaves return to normal if all is well, or that’s permanent?

Thanks again everyone, hope you’re all doing well :slight_smile:

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Those are some pretty hedgehogs you have there :grinning: :hedgehog::partying_face: and if you have never heard of hedgehogs that’s just my dumb name for the little flowers/buds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks @MeEasy Yeah haha, I heard your hedgehog term before on this forum lol, makes perfect sense honestly.

Do you reckon I should raise the Blueberry on some bricks seeing as there’s a 9 inch difference between it’s highest point and the Critical’s highest point?

Going to do a major defoliation this weekend, gonna strip everything except for the two big fan leaves at the top cause they really bushed out again in less than a week! It’s week 3 in Nebula’s defoliation tutorial, going to try emulating that.

Cheers again for your comments and advice :slight_smile:

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Yes most definitely lift it up to match the other one. I can’t remember what you are feeding :thinking: I mention feeding because you can defoliate heavier when you are feeding synthetic nutrients than with something similar to me organic living soil because natural nutrients are considered slow release and if a plant isn’t able to get the food through their roots they have some storage in the leaves they can supplement from


Hello again @MeEasy Thanks once again for pitching in, your help has really been invaluable with such helpful replies constantly.

Thanks, I’ll pick up some bricks on Monday after work and lift her up a bit more :slight_smile:

I’m feeding Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect, which from what I can understand are synthetics (someone correct me if I’m wrong). Thanks also for that explanation about the plant storing reserves in it’s leaves!

So, small update, it’s only been 2 days since the last pics of the budlets forming, and. . . starting to see some glitter on the leaves next to the buds now!! :smiley: I imagine these will become the future sugar leaves (yay for trim and hash and extracts! xD). Even the fan leaves at the top most are starting to get some! Here’s a pic of the one showing the glitter:

So, I’m about to go for the major defoliation like Nebula Haze shows for Week 3, and this is what I’m still confused about. These fan leaves marked with red arrows, do I leave them or trim them off? They’re the big set of fan leaves at the top of each cola, not the small ones close to the bud. From my understand, I think they should stay, but what do you guys think?

Final question, in the pic below, this branch on the right (it’s one of the 8 mains) didn’t make it above the net. Should it be removed, or since it’s a main it’s not recommended to remove it? If I have to remove it, do I cut from the red line, or the blue one lower down?

Starting to see some progress now everyone, and everyone’s help got me to where I am today, so, I really would like to give a MASSIVE Thank You to all the community! You’ve all been soooo great!

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I just did a defoliation on some of my autoflowers today here’s a before n after…if you click on Homer then again on my featured topic it will take you over to see some more pictures of these and many others at different stages. I do kinda follow Nebula timing for the most part but as I said I grow all organic and I leave more leaves for the stored nutrients.

Here’s some old pictures from before I started leaving more leaves… I couldn’t find a side view before pic but you can see the after then I put a week later just to show it’s hard to take to much but I always say if you are questioning if you should cut something leave it there you can always cut it off later but you can never put anything back on them

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