Some questions about what's the next step for my grow? Switch to flower?

I would have to agree those numbers don’t look too bad at all painted tips are good thing let you know where you’re at as stated above take it down a little to about 1800 keep watching but but the numbers aren’t too bad that would be my opinion :v:


I like the modified DLI - I can see how it works. I have beasts for a light and I blow through the old chart, now, this is more like it :sun_with_face: :sunglasses:


Did you say what your medium is?


I feel a need to get clarification on this.

EC of 2.08, or an actual reading of 2080? This is relevant because it affects what scale we use to evaluate nutrients.

If it’s an EC of 2.08, that’s fine - it translates into about 1350ppms on the 500 scale, which is what most of us use. If it’s actually 2080 on the 500 scale, that is high.

You’re in coco, is that right? You may be mistaking this - she may, in fact, be hungrier than the others. Coco becomes hydrophobic when it dries out, so if you’re getting runoff from her sooner, it may be that she drank a lot and her coco had the opportunity to dry out more than the others.

Anyway, regarding the actual appearance of the plant, it’s absolutely okay in my book. I’d keep on it doing exactly what you’re doing, perhaps ease up a tiny bit on the portion of the AN formula that provides the nitrogen.


Thanks so much for the tags and for all your help @MeEasy I really appreciate all your effort. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Thank you both, that is good to know. By 1800 you mean EC correct (so 900 ppm)?

I’m growing in a 70/30 Coco/Perlite mix. Coco is Canna Coco Professional Plus.

EC 2080 so 2.08 as you put it, translating to 1040 PPM on my meter.

Yep, in coco with perlite, oh, wow, that sure is interesting! She seems to be growing very well though thankfully even if this is the case. She is the 2nd largest plant in the tent, and is 6 days younger than her two sisters.

Thanks, that’s reassuring. Was going to give them a good defoliation tomorrow like @MeEasy posted, and switch to flower. Will be starting the Bloom schedule for the nutes tomorrow (at 1ml/L Bloom instead of 4ml/L Grow), so will measure pH and EC/PPM of that since it’s going to be a new formula.

Thanks to everyone pitching in!


Perfection. 1040ppm is absolutely ideal. :v: @MeEasy is good people, he’s always got excellent advice


Going off these numbers. Yes


You’re welcome :grin:
We’re all here for the same thing knowledge, somedays we give other days we take.

Thanks everyone for the help :beers:


Thanks again for all the replies, and constant support everyone. Just thought I’d update.

As per @CooterJuice and @JJ520’s advice, I dropped my EC of my last 2 feedings of the Grow nutes to 1800 EC. Did defoliation on the plants’ lower 30% yesterday and set up a scrog net. Switched the lights to 12/12 today (sooooo excited!!) and gave them their first feeding of the blooming schedule. Followed Advanced Nutrients’ feed chart for Week 1, so I’m at 4ml/L of Sensi Bloom A+B, and 2ml/L of all the other supplements specified for Week 1 (Bud Candy, Bud Factor X, Rhino Skin, etc). Feed pH came in at 5.8, and EC was 2300 (so 1150 PPM). Hoping this will also stop the yellow tips from spreading more since the Bloom formula will have different ratios of NPK. Fingers crossed all goes well! :smiley: Hope it’s not too much of a jump since the last 2 feedings were 1800 EC…

Here are some pics for everyone.

RQS Critical:

Seedsman Blueberry (still small compared to the others, hasn’t even reached the net yet):

RQS Amnesia Haze:

Not sure if I’m doing the whole scrogging thing well, but it’s keeping the plants lower at least, lights are 36" away and I literally only am an inch away from the extractor/carbon filter so can’t raise the lights more. Intensity is at 75%, was going to bump that up to 80% in about 3 days so I can slowly start dropping the lights as @MeEasy stated (or wait for the plants to minimize the distance towards it since they’ll start their flowering stretch soon I hope!).

Thanks once again to all that pitched in :slight_smile:


Plants look great I don’t see anything I would be concerned with little light in the middle but everything is with new growth as it grows out it will darken up :v:




Looking good buddy!! Stay on course!! As they start to flower in a week or so you may have to raise your ec back up. But right now they look on point!!

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Thanks for all the reassurance everyone, really appreciate it and puts my mind at ease. You’ve all been really awesome! Thanks once again :smiley:


Hello everyone, just thought I’d update to make sure everything is still going well, and got some questions please if anyone can chime in. Been 10 days since the flip to 12/12, and also 10 days feeding them the flowering schedule of Advanced Nutrients’ full line including their recommended supplements. So, here are the girls so far:

RQS Critical:

Seedsman Blueberry: (she’s the one in the middle that’s shorter, squished between the 2 on the sides)

RQS Amnesia Haze:

Full tent pic:

So, I defoliated most of the bottom growth before going for the flip (10 days ago), and did a slight cleanup of the bottom fan leaves again 4 days ago. But the plants are REALLY bushy now, and growth is very fast, and humidity in the tent is sitting between 72% - 78%. So, here’s where I’d appreciate the help everyone:

  1. It’s been 10 days since the flip, but I’m not seeing any hairs/pistils at the top of the plants yet. Is this normal? Does it take longer than this for them to start forming? I have a few at the bottom of the plants though.

  2. With humidity being that high, is it time to bring in the dehumidifier in my closet? Or will that be sorted with a proper defoliation? Humidity was in the 60s before they got this bushy a couple of days ago. (I reckon it’s the flowering stretch that’s making them this bushy)

  3. I reckon it’s time to remove the plant ties from my LST now?

  4. I was thinking of doing a major defoliation this Sunday, so it would have been a week since the last minor defoliation of the fan leaves I did to give the girls some time to recover. Most of the fan leaves from the bottom are removed, so, should I start removing the top fan leaves to open up the plants (and lower bud sites) to more light? Remove the growth tips also that are under the canopy (but leave the bud sites?)? What about these tall lanky branches with long inter-nodal spacing? Here’s what I’m thinking of removing, red are lanky branches mostly, blue are growth tips, orange are top fan leaves.

The orange question marks are because these fan leaves are on the node with the top most growth, should these be removed as well, or I let these be since they need to power the new growth?

Sorry for all the questions everyone. I know I’m a headcase, but I really want to get this right and not stunt my plants with defoliating incorrectly. Defoliation was always the topic that did my head in the most when I was doing my research before deciding to start growing, and now that I’m in it, I really can see why it was worrying me so much before. Any help would REALLY be appreciated as always. Would like to thank everyone here in advance for all the help and patience :slight_smile:

Yes. Plants will flower on their own time and I understand sativas are just generally a bit slower. Consequently I bet you see pistils from the Blueberry before the other two.


Also yes. I suggest doing a light defoliation anyhow - any leaves that touch, tub, overlap, or Cast more shade than they can absorb light can all go. A few fans snipped here and there with the intention to increase airflow is not a bad approach.

Check and see if the ties are cutting into any limbs. If they are, get em gone. If they aren’t, then dealers choice.

They look pretty recovered already.

Yes. And I’d just hack it all - even the bud sites. They won’t be good for much beyond a quick dry sample or the trim bin.

You can. Or you can leave them. You have a net going so you can tuck and weave those long ones and get the upper growth a bit of light. They won’t be huge producers but I don’t think they are totally useless either. :v:

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Hello again @Graysin Thanks so much for all your input. That was quite an informative reply which answered most of the stuff I asked in the previous post, I appreciate the attention to detail.

So I’ll be doing this on Sunday (was busy today and also tomorrow with meetups), but I always leave Sunday as my ‘me’ day, so I’ll get on it as soon as it’s lights on :smiley:

Don’t really mind them going in the trim bin, I’m really looking forward to making hash from the trim :smiley: Back when I started smoking 18 years ago it was wayyyy easier to get your hands on hash than actual bud, so I grew up smoking that stuff mostly and I really like it. Miss it now tbh cause it’s not so easy to get your hands on it anymore. Haven’t had it in over a year!

I’ll update with progress :slight_smile: Thanks once again for your time! I really do appreciate everyone’s help here.


My pleasure. I try to help when and where I can. :v::100:

Ask away in the future and of course, happy growing.

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Hello @Graysin and everyone. So I did the defoliation today and thought I’d update. Here are some pics. I tried focusing more on the middle - top of the canopy instead of the bottom this time round.

RQS Critical before (side view):

RQS Critical after (side view):

RQS Critical before (top view):

RQS Critical after (top view):

Seedsman Blueberry before (side view):

Seedsman Blueberry after (side view):

Seedsman Blueberry before (top view):

Seedsman Blueberry after (top view):

RQS Amnesia Haze before (side view):

RQS Amnesia Haze after (side view):

RQS Amnesia Haze before (top view):

RQS Amnesia Haze after (top view):

Pic of the full tent:

So, some follow up questions after this defoliation:

  1. Did I do this right, or should I have taken off more? More light is entering the bottom of the plants at least, but looking at the plants from the top it seems like there was almost not much difference between the before and after pics. I focused mostly on the biggest fan leaves but left the biggest pair at the top of each branch/cola. If I understood her right, Nebula does this to ‘power’ the growth of the flowering stretch.

  2. There are several small fan leaves at the bottom especially for the Blueberry and the Amnesia Haze, should I trim these off?

  3. I think the Amnesia Haze got stressed by the defoliation :confused: See the before and after pics from the top view, the leaves look awfully curled in in the after pic as opposed to how they were in the before pic. Comments?

  4. The Blueberry is looking quite pitiful and small in comparison to the other 2, should I leave those growth tips I left there maybe they’ll reach the canopy?

  5. Am I finally seeing the start of top buds forming? :heart_eyes: (zoomed in pics below). Today is day 13 from the flip to 12/12.
    RQS Critical:

Seedsman Blueberry:

RQS Amnesia Haze:

Thanks in advance again everyone, your support has been invaluable throughout this grow. Best wishes to all! :smiley:

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I would have taken anything thats below the net. Ill tag @Growingforothers to confirm.

See above.

Was it nearing lights out by the time you took the “after” photo? She doesn’t look stressed to me, but perhaps like she’s getting ready to rest.

Blueberry is an Indica. She wont stretch much, if at all. she’ll bulk on what she has available to stack buds with.


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Hello again @Graysin Thank you so much for such a prompt reply.

Thanks also for tagging another member in to confirm. I’ll wait a few days for them to recover after this defoliation then and remove the small fan leaves also. I just didn’t want to overdo it and stress the girls out or stunt them, especially since my main target was the bigger fan leaves which from my understanding, the plants use as ‘solar panels’ to perform photosynthesis. Filled up a 5 litre bucket full of leaves between the 3 plants.

No far from it. I started defoliating 30 mins after lights on, and was done an hour and a half after that, so 2 hours from lights on. Photo was taken instantly as soon as I finished defoliating.

So I shouldn’t remove those growth tips for her then or should I also? She already seems like she has little to work with :confused:

That’s awesome!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Thanks!!! :smiley:

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