Some questions about seeds


I want to make some questions…

1: what’s the deference between feminized & auto seeds???

2: Black window & gorilla glue it’s good seeds for Mediterranean climate ( Greece) & outdoor planting???

3: Land race seeds( 9 months seeds) in Greece You can plant your seed about middle-end of March and it’s ready about middle of October. Now if I buy your seeds ( 120 days seeds) I must plant it about June to be ready at October???

Always for outdoor planting.

Thanks for answering.

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I can only partially answer your post. Feminized seeds are seeds that will be females. If I’m mistaken, please forgive me, but what I think you’re really asking what the difference is between photoperiod and autoflower. The photos will manually have to switch to flowering by manipulating the light scheduling from the longer vegetation schedule. If you’re growing outdoor then it’s handled naturally.

Autoflowers complete faster from seed to harvest, so you probably will be able to get more grows in a season.

ILGM has some good guides and it’s a lot of helpful people here. I’m still a rookie myself so we’re in this together bro :sweat_smile:

Edit: here’s a couple of links