Some pics ilgm super skunk autos 42 days old, first time grower...Any Advice Helpful


Wow , They look great ! Whatever your doing keep it going .


Thanks Seeddog just lots of love it’s my first time so I’m afraid to use anything much more than light, love and water. They are starting to bud or flower in wondering should i cut the big leaves so that it can get more light to the buds or will it be just fine like it is kinda leave well enough alone?

Don’t cut the leaves, especially if you’re outdoors.

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They are mostly indoors but on the nice sunny days I’ve been giving them a few hours sunshine thinking it would be good for them, they are always back inside at night or any cold, rainy weather. But thank you for the advice, I’m going to take it and just let them grow. Thanks again for your advice like I said any tips are welcome lol

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I read here on ILGM someone describing the big fan leaves as being like solar panels absorbing the sun and helping it grow . Your plant will actually need and comsume some of those fan leaves later on in its last few weeks of growth . Some will turn yellow and drop from the plant which is normal . Looking good @Smokey3

Oh ok see I didn’t know that, thanks seeddog. I’m learning

There are people who say one thing a d people who say another. I know of a few people that do heavy defoliation a plants whole life and they produce massive plants. So it’s really preference.

Oh ok thanks, I just wasn’t sure if it would help the buds get fatter, I’ve been seeing pics of all these plants that look like teriyaki sticks so I was wondering lol

It’s kinda cool though the ilgm seed bank said they would get 16 to 28 inches tall, all of them are taller than 28 the biggest being 34 inches hope that’s a good sugn

It is about timing (which is hard to get down) but if you take the leaves to early then she will focus on making more leaves not buds but if you do it at the right time then she will focus on bud production

How do you know when the times right?

I myself haven’t figured it out so I just quit pruning leaves. I do alot of reading and research and I read something a couple months back that said the buds don’t convert light to energy only the leaves can do that so I quit pruning

I’d have to agree with you on that. I don’t know enough about it so I’m thinking I should just leave them alone and let them grow. Seems to be working so far thanks sir smokes