Some pics from my very first grow ever

Very VERY inexperienced grower here. I started about a month ago. I was curious to see if I could do it. So I scraped together a few dollars, grabbed a few mats, grabbed a couple of bag seeds (wedding cake) and gave it a shot. These shots are about a month of work / grow time.

So I know they don’t look to be in that great of shape and, at least for the next couple of weeks I won’t be able to do much in the way of buying materials to fix it, but like I said I wanted to at least try.

Looks like I got some droopage going on, as well as some yellowing anything I can do to help them survive? ![20210107_072603|375x500](upload://vLbOigV7N0


I did use miracle grow. yes I know miracle grow is bad, but at the time I didn’t know that and at this point there is not much I can do about that besides repotting, which I can’t do for another couple of weeks.

.the seeds were wedding cake. But I have no idea if they are autoflower or not. Any way I can tell? If they were auto would they be bigger at this point

Any advice to help them be ok and not die would be grand.

Thank you, all for your help.


They need transplanted at this point so they have more room for roots to stretch out. It’s also a good opportunity to get them out of the Miracle Grow.


I agree with @MidwestGuy def. need to be transplanted into larger pots and as far as the drooping could be root bound or underwatered how often and how much have you been watering them? The soil looks quite dry which may be why they are drooping because they are thirsty. As far as your question on whether they are auto’s or not, you won’t be able to tell yet but if they are under 18 or 24 hour light schedule and they start to flower on their own than you know they are auto’s. If they do not start flowering on their own they are probably photoperiod plant’s meaning you will have to change your light cycle to get them to transition to flower. Hope this helps some and Welcome to ILGM!


Same here - re-pot but make sure you water until at least 10-15% runoff. You’ll need something to raise them up and keep them out of the container the water runs off into so the roots can dry out.

Water each time the pots feel light or the soil feels dry up to your second knuckle.

If you use plastic pots, you should drill very small holes in the side to help with draining and get some oxygen to the roots. I personally like the fabric pots - and you can re-use those if you take care of them.

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All great advice. Especially the repotting. When plants become rootbound, they start to yellow at the lowers.

Also pH could be an issue (u didnt mention it). Next purchase should be a decent ph pen. I recommend the Apera 20. For $40 it takes ur grow up a good level or 3.

Also when you transplant, get you some other soil. Some cheap topsoil works (add perlite!) but ull have to start feeding nutrients shortly after.

Fox Farms has quite a few soils to save the nute load for a while. I also like Black Kow soil (be wary of any soil time releasing nutrients however).

Best of luck! I love Wedding Cake. Lovely strain.

Also autos will flip to flower without u having to change the light cycle. You normally have to buy them though. U wont really know if they areautos until a month or two in and they start flowering without warning.

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