Some one help leaves cruling in

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA
N/a ![image|374x500
I’m using Coco-life 70/30
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?5.6 in run of 6.3
I’m using advanced nutrients sensi coco
What is strength of nutrient mix? 600ppm
This is indor
Indoor or using HPS 250w

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, 60% Night 70%

Ventilation system; Yes

AC, Humidifier,

Co2; Yes,

Looks like nutrient burn but wait for the real experts to advise. Have you checked the plant checker below? It may help


I agree, looks like nutrient issue. What is ppm out?


I’ve never checked the ppm out never knew I should will have to do that tomorrow

I thought the burn was nutrients burn but what abut the cruling that creepy

@BigPerm I just checked the plant checker and there’s nothing abut the cruling in

PPMs with AN is not supposed to be reliable because of the buffers and other things they put in there.

what’s your reservoir size and how much are you feeding of A and B and others? how often are you feeding?

also looking for other clues in your photos… are you watering to run off? it looks like your pots are sitting directly in dishes

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I’m on the labtop going to the computer, be rught back i know what this is

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That’s te feeding schedule I’m using

1ml for Litre

@garrigan62 tell me what’s the problem? I flushed once week run off 20% so I feed 6 days and flush once a week

are you feeding to overflow and are your plants elevated off the dishes?

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I have the dishes under the plants I feed them 1 litre each plant very day they don’t dry well but because I was told coco can’t be overwatered I just kept feeding em

you should elevate them with some sort of grid or wire shelf and then water to 20% runoff. the plants should not be sitting IN the dishes because the nutes are salt based and they need to run off and dumped without being sucked back into the plant- the salts will build up in the pots and around your roots and cause all sorts of problems. wait to see what Garrigan says but i would flush them good and then start fresh and feed them with the prescribed dose of nutes.

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also, many folks will feed AN at 50-75% strength. they will tell you to feed every day but i don’t know that its necessary. once mine went into flower and started drinking more heavily i would sometimes do it every day. that being said, i hit some problems with one of the plants that i never fully identified and wasn’t able to fix. i’m still new at this too but there are specific methods for your set up and feeding when using salt based nutes.

while coco is harder to overwater, i think you still can if you really overdo it. when they were babies i only watered every few days.

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@KinSEDC are you using coco and AN as well ? Do you wait for them to get dry properly? I see what you’ve done with the wire but for me is not possible to do that I have around 60 plants in 5 gallon pots not the space . Always had them that way in soil never had problems until I switched to coco this time

I think garrian has forgot abut this

are you new to both coco and AN? if you can’t elevate (there are other ways… you can put a baking rack on top of the dish) and water to run off you WILL kill your plants. that i’m pretty sure of. this method may not be the right choice for your situation.

i did not let them dry out all the way-that will cause salt build up. to start was maybe 3-4 days and then every other day and then every day if the top looked dry

Yes I’m new to both of them I used dutch-pro and soil in past never had these issues now I’m really stressed out as I spent loads of money and lloks like it’s all waisted no idea what’s the real problem for them crulin that way and no one it’s actually coming up with the answer. Feel like clearing in it all and going back to soil