Some of my cured outside grow Strawberry Kush


Smooth tasting and nice looking


Here’s a few jars and I’ve been sampling heavily since November!


I wonder if I will have to add any prague #2 for long term curing?:joy: Also, where do I go on here to write a review about this strain?


If it’s an ILGM seed you can post your review on the seedbank section of the website. But we also love to hear reviews as well! @EarlyPearl


A+ on anxiety, fear of crowds, flying, etc,
A on taste, You get a candy like cherry/strawberry/earthy taste
B+ on growing, likes plenty of nutes/water in September, stop nutes on the 20th and flush whenever needed, at least 2 times
B harvest between October, 1st thru 15th.
A+ on positive thinking.
A+ Climate range is awesome------72 to 90 F outside with 90% humidity–goes about her business


Thanks for the review @EarlyPearl others will find this useful.


Starting the harvest, my bad.