Some new growth sites wilting


I am having issues identifying what could be causing this. I live in an area where we have had a few solid days getting close to 100 degrees. I thought maybe I had overwatered by overcompensating. I am starting to think this is not a water / overwater issue. I am thinking this has to do with nutrients. I have been using the Fox Farms Soil feeding guide. Is this something i should worry about? I just flushed the beds, and am thinking I just need to dial back the amount of nutrients?

If you zoom in you can see something is nipping the stem off.


I did have some small grasshoppers appear during vegetive growth. i just wasn’t sure if this was nutrient lock that caused it to dry out. Thanks for your input!

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Its the hopper! Those things will shred a plant. I immediately thought pest. But theres the answer. Do you have any preventive measures?

Recently I introduced some dill, basil, and other plants that the buggers don’t like the smell of. I haven’t seen too many of them since, I have a small mint patch 10 feet away in hope of luring them there. I thought of making a garlic and water spray, just haven’t gotten to that point yet. My other thought after looking at the cut in the stem, was that maybe aa birds beak or feet may be the cause. Iw ill keep my eyes open.

They chew the stem and the stems are hollow in the middle. Ur preventative plants sound like a good plan. The garlic spray may help. I think there is a tabasco recipe somewhere around here a few members complimented