Some mold....right?

As far as outdoor plants, facing humidity and rain, safe to say there will be at least a slight bit of mold within the buds? Maybe can’t see it but it’s there.
Just wondering how much is too much to where it’s harmful to smoke.


I would argue that no mold at all is the only thing that is acceptable. If you are in a humid area, then doing something to increase airflow around the plant can help. An occasional spray with a dilute mix of hydrogen peroxide can help prevent mold or mildew.

A bud wash at harvest time can also help, assuming there isn’t too much mold. If you experience bud rot, then the only solution will be to cut off the affected parts.


Completely agree. Bud wash in peroxide if you even suspect white powdery mildew or active mold. Bud rot has to be cut out.

Plus you’d be amazed at all the crap on your plant that washes away:

That’s one plant.


Is this Bud Rot Too?

Unfortunately, it looks like it . Cut it off that’s your only option if you would like to save the rest of that nug

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Omg tbis happened in one day after rain fall should i buy a fan and ren it run the night? For airflow?

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@MidwestGuy or anyone Can I use peroxide as a preventative for mold all during flower? Thanks in advance…My super skunk are just starting to flower and I’ve lost some Bud to rot and mildew in the past. I plan on trying a bud wash at harvest for the first time too, if I’m lucky enough to make it that far :crossed_fingers:

Yes - perfectly safe and effective to use peroxide during flowering.

A dilute mixture is enough. It doesn’t take much.

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Thank you

Is there a ratio you would recommend?