Some leaves look slightly wrinkly and serrated edges turned up

Not all but there are some that are rated for it and are mainly used in commercial applications

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Makes sense. That’s where this is at. Old industrial building, originally built in the 40s and added on in the 70s. I think the majority of the electrical was from that 70’s expansion.

I highly dislike this example :sob: :joy::joy:
I don’t use that 220 for anything, I just think it’s on its own circuit cuz when I was testing the breakers one shut off the shops ceiling lights and one shut off the outlets, and one didn’t turn off anything I could find lol
So sounds like in the meantime I definitely Shouldn’t use it haha…

So you can tell for sure from the box that there’s no ground?

Eeep im kinda scared to do that myself haha… even with directions I’m not sure I’m qualified. Woodwork and framing and welding and automotive I’ll try anything,. But electrical idk…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

@Graysin I’m slowly reading his multiple relative posts starting with the jacks VS AN cuz thats the first I found from him and has a bit of cloning info too, looks like he used the clone-king 25site thing, one of the popular ones I saw looking them up yesterday.
I’m unsure if all his posts were “in realtime” like from that exact day etc, but if they were then it looks like he took cuttings and then like 5 days later had decent root masses O.o


His cloning guide (linked above) clarifies the aeroponic cloner he uses takes about 12-14 days for transplantable root mass. That tracks with the things I’ve seen in practice. That was back when he was using the octo-cloner (looks like a 5 gallon bucket kinda) so idk if it’s the same one. Will be similar across all cloning methods.


Maybe I’ll pause reading the jacks vs AN one and start that one then, lol takes a while to get through thousands of comments :sweat_smile:
Even 12-14 days sounds amazing. But I could definitely be off in my assumptions of what’s “transplantable root mass”,
Very likely really since everything I’ve viewed as “growing slow” took off once I transplanted lol
The new GSC and SGK clones are on day 1 now so I guess find out, should have his thread and other info read by the time they’re ready to move up in their world :grin:
I’m gonna need an external hard drive for my brainy :confused:


Check out the first 10-15 posts. That’s honestly as far as you need to go to understand the process. :v:

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easily this stuff files itself away in “useless horticulture” in your brain. Most of it is muscle memory.


Donno how long they’ve been here but lately noticed these rust-looking patches and dots on a few leaves…
Think it’s just random, or the start of needing something like more cal-mag? Haven’t been giving them any extra since jacks already has it
Been almost 8 weeks since flip

Also puzzled about this… Handful of leaves getting lighter green as I get deeper into flower, which feels right; not worried about that, but how can they be getting lighter green while Still having a lot of tips turned down as if they have a bit of excess N?!

@Graysin got any recommendations on budget friendly tent brands that don’t have major flaws like broken zippers etc?
I’m lost because every damn brand has mixed reviews and at least a couple people complaining about bad zippers light leaks etc.
Not Too concerned about 100% light proof aircraft grade blablabla, it’s gonna be the veg tent/clone room, but next gen is already outgrowing my closet and in a few weeks their 6 children will need some more space so I gotta get on this😅

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My first tent was a Vivosun 4x4 - it worked great but probably you should put a couple drops of oil on the zippers to keep em from sticking.

My other tent was an AC Infinity 4x3 and another Vivosun 2.7x5.

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Vivosun is one of the ones I’m looking at since they’re on the cheaper end but not the absolute lowest like greenhut that have even more complaints lol

I considered AC infinity, their 4x4s and 5x5s aren’t much more expensive than vivosun and likely worth the extra but then they’re 4x8s are like twice as much:(
And I think I’m wanting a 4x8 because I can’t find anything like a 6x4, and I’m thinking these 12 girls would be too much to contain in anything smaller.
Especially if I wanna also be able to keep the next gens clones in it, I better stick with 4x8 lol

I have a Vivosun 4x4. I like it even if the zipper sticks a little at times. I like the fact that the poles are powder coated metal, and that the corners are metal, not plastic. I’m hoping that a 3x3 Vivosun tent is on my Christmas List this year…along with a 6" fan/filter combo (that will go in the 4x4, and the 4" fan/filter I currently have would go into the 3x3)

My nice plant turned male it hermied and idk why I used feminized seeds

I’m not sure why . I used feminized seeds


Is it actually full-blown male, or is it female with male flowers? Feminized seeds can hermaphrodite- produce both female and male parts. They rarely produce full-blown males. Either way, contact the seed supplier and let them know. Most places will make it good.

4x8 would be just fine, and Vivosun will do the trick. Like I said, a little oil in the zippers will go a long way. They’re not 100% light tight but they have few enough light leaks that it won’t cause any actual problems.

^ that’s exactly why a lil oil. :100::v: Suggestion Courtesy of @JaneQP

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:hearts: :hearts: :hearts: : @Graysin When I go in there again tomorrow, I’ll try that. A little dab’ll do ya!

Awesome, the two of you are enough firsthand experience to satisfy my worries, I’ll go with them for the 4x8 I’m ordering tonight before my closet gets too crowded xD
Didn’t wanna go way expensive because I know I’ll need other stuff more fans etc.
… And I know myself and even if the cheap-ish bloomspect100 and viparspectra150 work fine for vegging so far, Once the babies are bigger if flower room isn’t vacated yet I’ll be tempted to order a 2nd greenbeams.
And when I’m tempted I end up doing it a day later :grimacing:

That’s what I was figuring because my stupid ill-thought room isn’t 100% lighttight anyway. I did what I could, foiltaped all the joint-cracks and the hole for powercords etc but it’s def not 100% and is flowering fine.

@Frankgrows510 ugh that sucks! I hope it’s just a few to where you can monitor and manage it and still get some product

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I use a product I found for our camping tents. I think zipper ease? Thx for the tag @Graysin. Pretty much like a tube of chapstick.

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I’ll throw it on the Amazon list with the tent and quickly growing pile of crap I’m gonna need to get these young ladies out of my crowded closet :sweat_smile:
I was a fool for thinking they could just relax and slowly grow while they wait for the previous to finish flower and vacate the room for them :joy:

Thank you! Your outdoor girls are looking beautiful by the way :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Noticing a possible trend here and wondering if any other “theorizers” like me might have had this happen.
I know phenotypes are a serious thing and could easily be the only answer here,
But its peculiar that three out of 4 girls have a completely different(better) look to them and Even one that foxtailed is still better with way more and frostier bud, while this one girl seems to be more leaf than bud.

There’s two lights, my beloved greenbeams 480 and a cheap-ish viparspectra 150
The girl with way more leafy buds was getting the most light from the viparspectra(but still also the greenbeams)
I’m wondering if maybe the lower quality spectrum of the viparspectra could have caused this O.o
Like maybe it has more green and blue and less red?

Here’s a leafy girls cola compared to two of the girls that are further from the VS

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@SynysterChris @Graysin Hiya guys I justade it home from Massachusetts, and wow they grew while I was out buying a boat

Yep I found a nice 1993 Sea Ray sundancer 270 and bought it this afternoon hehe