Some leaves look slightly wrinkly and serrated edges turned up

Not at all, I’m pretty careful about that, what I do when I water is water thoroughly to runoff, then hold the pot up and tilt it all directions to get more water out before setting it down in an empty tray. Its a hassle lol but it’s what I’m doing until the pot-feet I ordered come.
And I only did one light feeding weeks ago and have done plain water numerous times since so I’ve got No clue how my runoff pH can be so low…
So far plants aren’t unhappy, just a few leaves with serration turned up a lil likely from it being kinda on the hot side.
I’m ordering a couple inline fans to vent my room,
Considering adding prilled dolomite lime to water with? Think that might be a good idea?

@Graysin congrats on the valued member of the month well deserved!

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Thank you, @Nicky - means a lot coming from you! Definitely wouldn’t be able to help anyone if it hadn’t been for yours.


I seach every sales outlet i know of daily looking for absolutely anything I think i can make a dollar on or use.
Freinds think im crazy but I’ve made a small fortune and had things I could have never gotten otherwise…

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Well… Crap!
Since plants are pretty healthy so far I was hoping on a miracle that my very low runoff PH was possibly something off the wall like bacteria or built up nutrients down in the bottom of the pot in the rocks and perlite,.
So I did the slurry test thing with distilled water and some soil from about halfway down.
5.2ph :persevere::persevere::persevere: UGHhHH.
I need to fix this before it really starts effecting things, if it hasn’t already.

Anyone have any experience with the prilled dolomite lime and how effective it is adding it to your water?
Btw already tried a decent flush before getting this scary number :persevere:

Aside from the lime what are my other options?
Ordering a different soil and leaving my used FFOF in bags on the porches of the FF CEOs, on fire of course?
… Is it flammable?

@Graysin why thank you, we are all a team here it’s a giant pool of knowledge and support. I knew some things before I arrived here and scowered other forums, books and resources but ilgm has always been home.
Thats why I continue to pop in here from time to time even though I’m not growing alot right now.
One plant in flower and one clone growing out so I can clone it multiple times to attempt an experiment again.

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If your flush didn’t do it, you didn’t flush enough. I never did use the stuff, but Fox Farms makes a flush product called Sledgehammer. @Newt uses it along with the rest of the FF nutrient regimen. I don’t know if it’s strictly necessary but it may make it easier to rinse all the junk out of your soil and help get you back to a blank slate.

I’m curious when you checked the pH from the soil slurry did you also check the PPMs?

Most likely?

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From the Fox Farm site:

SledgeHammer® is a unique rinse formula designed to remove fertilizer buildup which may relieve nutrient lockout. Derived from saponin, an extract of the Yucca schidigera plant. SledgeHammer® is designed for organic gardening and can be used for both hydroponic and soil applications.

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So maybe I need to run another few gallons through each?
I’m scared to do that tho cuz I don’t know a thing about those “microbials”. I could replenish nutrients, but got nothing and no knowledge on microbials and such…

I did not check the ppms, but from the last few checks I’m sure it’s pretty high, the soil was giving me 1400 Before I used a little baking soda water in a botched attempt to bring PH down. Prolly in the 2k-2.5k range but part of that is the baking soda.(which is likely mostly flushed out now)

Well crap.
Now I’m wondering if I should order yet another thing on Amazon lmao.
I just hate the idea of flushing the soil entirely and struggling to rebalance it with everything it needs in it, when the whole damn idea was using soil that had enough of everything to not mess with it for a while.
Like if I’m gonna do that might as well buy more stable soil and transplant?! Idk if that would shock them though,. They’re still in VEG but have decently filled their pots with root, and they still look happy so it’s like they’re experiencing Stockholm syndrome, they’re used to it?
Idk what to do.

Also, Newt when you say fertilizer buildup does that count nutrients that come with the soil, or just added? Because I have added next to Nothing, I only fed once a few weeks ago with a very weak solution like 500ppm(my tap water being 300+ of that)

:joy::rofl::joy: they are very likely quite happy with it. If you have room for larger pots, there’s nothing wrong with up-potting into fresh soil.

It generally means the waste that accumulates after the nutrients have been utilized. Doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about added or naturally occurring. Eventually when the plant uses the nutes, there will be some form of waste. Usually that’s in the form of salt buildup (not table salt but just “salt” idk. I think of it like empty nutrient husks even though from a scientific standpoint that makes no sense at all). Getting rid of the expended nutrient salts (or husks) frees up space in your pot/soil for you to replenish with fresh nutrients that your plant can eat.

One thing I’ve totally overlooked - what does your plant look like right now? Photos help. We may be troubleshooting something that isn’t actually a problem. We might just be chasing numbers for the hell of it. The 3 days ago photo looks pretty proper and healthy.

As an aside - doesn’t baking soda bring pH up rather than down? If you added a bunch of baking soda to your soil, you’ve added literal salt - sodium - to the soil - which is, in fact, toxic to plants.

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Oh damn I wrote that wrong, I was thinking the word “down” cuz my possible need is bringing “Acidity down”; PH up lol
I did it cuz I was panicking about the low PH and I’ve read it “CAN he used sometimes but not good to do regularly cuz yeah the salt build up etc”,
I’ve got PH up/down on the way so that won’t be something I repeat.

The waste thing makes sense, it would just have to be mostly waste from the nutes from the soil since that’s like almost all of what they’ve had so far haha. I can possibly do a huge flush on One tomorrow as a test and see what comes out?.. prolly do it on the one that isn’t definitively female yet,
My two biggest ones started showing their lil white hairs yesterday so rather not use them as experiments lol

I’ll go take a pic now

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That’s the best move I think. I suspect we’re trying to solve for something that isn’t a problem. :v:

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Here they are,
I know from afar they look OK, and the new growth edges curving in could possibly be just cuz it’s hot in there?, it’s gotten up to 86 and only drops to 78 at night. That’s an issue I’m waiting on Amazon to fix I ordered two inline fans so I can ventilate. Procrastinated cuz I wanted to keep my humidity…

But yeah lol I HOPE that’s the case and I’m chasing ghosts and there’s no real issue, just seems alarming to me that my runoff and slurry test is like 5 when my water is almost 7.


Yeah, it looks more temp related than pH related. PH issues look a lot like nutrient issues or like a really really sad plant (droopy, unhappy, limp). Or really awkwardly twisted leaves.

If you have a desk fan or tower fan you can throw in there, I would. Just get some more air moving - should help a little bit.

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These are starting to twist and such,. But yeah Hopefully could be just the heat issue (I know 86 is def on the hot side) for now already got a room fan blowing in there, I’ve got ventilation stuff ordered and am crossing my fingers a duct and 2 fans is enough to combat the lights and the fact that our summer temps are triple digit…

So should I not worry about my runoff and soil test being in the low 5s?
Or when it gets here should I water with dolomite lime anyway?

I’d just hate to let this go and maybe become a Real problem that I can’t undo it it’s some going I can fix preemptively,:confused:

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Dolomite will take a bit to take effect but be very sparing with it. The same way the peat moss in your soil slowly dragged the pH down, the Dolomite will slowly drag your pH up. I don’t know the ratio offhand but perhaps @JaneQP does for how much dolomitic lime to soil you’ll want in order to increase it safety without going overboard.

Hm. If that’s how hot you get during peak temps, you may find a way to measure the leaf temperature and see if the surface of the leaves are hotter than that (infrared thermometers are my best suggestion. Inkbird makes a pretty sweet one that’s fairly cheap and works if you don’t already have one around for taking human temperatures).

I only say this because I regularly float between 70 and 90 depending on the day. Here’s my 3 month stats for highs and lows.

I am comfortable with a 90° peak because I know my lights are hung high enough with enough airflow that the leaves don’t ever get “too hot.”

Can you run your lights at night and off during the day? That will be the best combat for the high temps. That’s how I manage. We’re already in the mid 90s out here and the summer heat isn’t even hitting.

Most definitely understood. I know Jane will either have the answer or tag in someone who knows dolomite better than I do. I’ve never used it as a soil ingredient, I just use it to make products.

Things online here and elsewhere seem to be saying like a tbsp per gallon of soil for topdressing and more like a tsp or something in a gallon for watering, but yes definitely don’t want to accidentally overdo it especially since they’re not miserable yet lol

Haha just yesterday I finally thought of that and I did switch, they’re running from 6pm to noon, best I could do while still giving myself a decent window to work with them. So far still staying around 84-86 though and it’s gonna get hotter next month :confused:

Oooo I didn’t think of that, I’ll have to check what kind of thermometer we have. We’ve got those electronic forehead ones just no idea if it’s infrared or not

Most likely. I think that’s the technology all the No-touch thermometers use. Give it a shot!

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LOL! When I did this run, I thot about the mid-day temps too, as I’ve had it hit 100 in my tent last summer. So I also did 6pm-12noon on. Just flipped to 12/12 yesterday, on at 9pm off at 9am, still gives me some time in the morning to sneak a peek before lights out, and I can care for them after one of my evening puffs when lights are back on!

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