Some leaves look slightly wrinkly and serrated edges turned up

I use a couple cheap Chinese lights. 240w KingBrites with some UV and IR diodes. They do the trick.

A good manufacturer, regardless of country of origin, will disclose what they use. I know I have 301B Samsung diodes and Epistar auxiliary light diodes on the KingBrites with Meanwell HLG 240s of some kind or another as the drivers. If they don’t disclose it, it’s probably not worth buying.

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I’m definitely considering at least trying one of the cheaper foreign ones just want to try with enough power to “hope” for a good bloom… at least for now until I can either get the material to build something awesome or afford one of the mainstream brands.

For now does either of these seem like it might be okay?
The board style one does offer the meanwell drivers but smd LEDs(they do admit it tho)
The bar style claims Samsung 301b’s but I’ve heard they can lie haha
The boards each have an 180w driver, no idea on the bar style but it claims 400w and a thousand something diodes. I do like the idea of the bar style since I’m trying to cover a decent area but my guess is the boards are more intense?
I’ve been reading all day for days and still can’t figure out what’s best for my price.

281s I think.

Remind me again the space you need to cover for flowering and how much you have to spend. I have great budget recs (not to toot my own horn :joy:)

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I’m not exactly sure I mean it depends on the plants and how well I do😂
My room is like 4x7, but I’m def not aiming to fill the whole damn thing and have no room to walk mostly cuz I know I can’t afford to power that much yet… so I guess like 3x4/3x5?
This is the first run of this room and I spent more than I wanted to building the damn thing and had unrealistic expectations of how cheap I could light it…
I’d LIKE to stay under 200$ in additional lighting and use the 100 and 150watt lights I have to supplement maybe cuz so far they don’t seem horrible(in veg tho)…

So the best bet I can throw your way then will be as follows:
Green Beams 480 watt - exceeds your price point but will have the best coverage. $359 + ~$24 shipping. A mix of 3000k and 5000k with IR diodes. Samsung Lm301B and Epistar 660nm for the IR. You won’t find another light that comes with the high praise I have for it (not that my opinion is the only one that matters by a long stretch, but I absolutely stand by that rec) anywhere near that price. Even KingBrite, who is my old go-to for cheap cheap, would run $403 for a 480 watt.

KingBrite 240w lights - have the Samsung 301B diodes, UV and Epistar IR. $132 plus $36 for shipping.

Green Beams 240w light - $169 + ~approx $17 in shipping.

The closest HLG you can nail for $200 will be the mini Diablo at $199 plus shipping. Not a bad light but less wattage - more efficient because it uses the 301H diodes - which are “top bin” vs the 301B which is marginally older technology.

I would suggest Bloomspect but specifically only the SS line - the others are not good - and the SS line is totally out of stock on Amazon. It was also about as much as the Green Beams light which I enjoy considerably more.

Worth mentioning a 240 watt is something I would use in a 2x4 with your existing supplemental lighting - I would go bigger if you want to take up more of a footprint. Or be prepared to buy a second 240 when you expand.

Awesome, I’m gonna check out each of those. Glad I can at least for now get a Functional 240 for under 200.
With the materials I was looking at for building my own 240 just the material was gonna run me near 100 at the cheapest and then the driver and strips would put me over 200 anyway. Its still a future idea if I ever find some scrap aluminum that’ll work since that woulda been almost half my cost.

Uho, one of the ones I got in there now is bloomspect. Gonna check and hope it’s the SS lol
*Checked, luckily it is. I recall looking at all of them, musta sprang for the extra 20$ cuz it was cheap anyway haha

For sure this is kinda just to get going, if this harvest comes out even half decent I’ll put all of it into more quality equipment lol

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Oh and where do you find these? Couldn’t find either of those brands on Amazon,
The one Google link I saw was something called Alibaba? Is that a legitimate market? I’ve just never heard of it and it kept trying to make me get the app to look at stuff
Which is fine if it’s something ppl actually use

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Yeah. So KingBrite can only be bought on Alibaba. It is a legitimate site but it feels sketchy. If you search Alibaba for “Shenzhen KingBrite” they are a verified vendor and buying direct from them is safe. Lots of other vendors on Alibaba are not verified or only sell in bulk.

Green beams is direct from their mom-and-pop designed website green-beams(dot)com or on eBay (I think).

Awesome. I do love my SS2000, its just not enough power to flower the 8x6ish space I’m in. It lives in my veg tent

Sweet. I’ll check out the greenbeams site and if not get another damn app on my phone lol

For sure. I don’t know what I was thinking having hopes that two lights that are barely a square ft each could be good enough haha.
That’s why I’m not necessarily kicking myself, I can still use these small guys in veg especially early veg. my growth seems like it might have slowed down now but until the “next flower light” gets retired to veg😂 I could just put them under whatever I end up getting for a few weeks of stronger veg before switching cycle.

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Exactly. Nothin to kick yourself over. Any light is a good light if you’ve got room to hang it and power on the breaker to draw from. My set up is a slapdash assembly of 3 HLGs, 2 KingBrites and a Green Beams. I’ve got the bloomspect, a Vivosun, and a legitimate blurple i dont even know the brand name for in my veg tent.

I’d have another VS1000 (100 watt Vivosun), 2x no name Blurples, and my 2 home-builts all hanging up too if I had room on the breaker for it. As it stands its a miracle its holding everything it does. :sweat_smile:

Older photo but thats how my lights are arranged. Awful. :joy:


True, the outdated ones can always add to the total light in a room. Hell maybe that’s a decent way to capture EvERY part of the spectrum haha

Omg im so glad I’m not the only one tripping over cords and empty buckets and burning my forehead on lights😂


If I had a dime for every time I’ve hit my head on my lights :rofl:


For now I’m hitting my head even when I’m doing my best to crouch down,
Looking forward to at least hitting my head while half standing up😂
And maybe someday getting a wall mounted unit and not tripping over my old-lady-bedroom style humidifier or the bedroom fan I’ve had since I was a kid.
(Well maybe I’ll keep the sentimental fan, it’s custom colored with sharpie)


So I uh… did one of those things that you know you need to do before you talk yourself into dumber ideas.
After reading up on the company and the materials etc, small US company high quality materials, only outsources being the MW drivers and Samsung diodes cuz those are just plain the winners right now), I just had to support them.
And you’re right their price matches or beats most others they stay under a dollar a watt while still having the quality material, that’s crazy for a local company. I already applaud them.
Plus the whole “ladder” thing with slowly upgrading lights all the time could cost thousands,… I might as well have something big and Quality that I can guarantee is enough to get the most out of what I can currently do.


Those were my feelings too. I couldn’t figure out how it was so inexpensive but I didn’t stress it too much. And the light really lives up to the promise. I know @Fiz isn’t disappointed and I’m certainly not either. I try to rotate my plants under each of my cobbled together fixtures but the strains I’m really excited about seem to spend more time under that light than the others. :sweat_smile: I’ve got an autoflower under it right now that I’ve just been hammering with light - hoping to achieve dense and sticky instead of fluffy and sticky.


My hair gets tangled in my lights on the regular. Fortunately, I don’t burn myself but there’s plenty of yelping until I get unhooked!


I have to say - the LSD is going to be a bit airy no matter what you do (at least my autos!). I think it’s the nature of that strain.

But my GSCE auto! (Shirley) She is DENSE. And super sticky. So happy! Looks as if the Blueberry Glues are going to be the same way.

I’ll always follow you around seconding buying these lights.


I know and I appreciate it. It’s great to be a cheer team instead of a solo flyer with lights. @Nicky and @DebbieM would always back me up on KingBrites. Which I still absolutely stand behind, but when it comes to a quality build that doesn’t take a month to get, Green Beams is it for me. :100::v::sunglasses: