Some leaves look slightly wrinkly and serrated edges turned up

Yeah i probably should switch them then

Geeze that sounds insane! Luckily the second car didn’t smash right into your side…
Horrible drivers piss me off. I’ve got a personal vendetta against them after something that happened in Oregon when I was in my 20s. I had one ticket caused by being cheap and having junky vehicles with electrical problems, lights going out without me knowing etc,
Then someone rear ended me at an intersection on my motorcycle and messed up my knee cuz it hit my handlebar,.
Then some crappy driver tried to weave around my truck in a parking lot and caused a wreck, tried to make it my fault, got legally deemed HER fault, but MY license got suspended for having “3 incidents”.
Her insurance had to pay me a measly 500$ and I missed out on way more work.

I mean I don’t think they always double in height or anything, but it’s definitely possible. Girth as well.

I like to just imagine them twice the size and prepare for it, and hope it doesn’t happen cuz I don’t follow my own advice and veg too long lol

I always say they double in size. Which direction is up to the plant, but without fail they will always at least double in size one way or the other.

@xXKristenXx that sounds like a wild time. People suck hard. I’m glad you’re alive and still here with us. I’m also glad you got to a doc who isn’t afraid to help provide real relief. I hope it continues to improve


My whole veggie garden bed has been sprouting with these, at first I thought they were from tomatoes or something else I mulched. I knew they looked familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it until they got a little bigger. Sooo,…
… Note to self, do Not use junky hermie-gened bud in compost.

I think I just accidentally passed my 200 plant limit :rofl:
Got a lot of pluckin to do I guess.
Shame they’re that low quality mystery strain that throws nanners, or I’d just leave them lol


Funny, but not that funny!


Yeah wouldn’t be funny to the CCD,
Imagine their response to “I accidentally grew them” :rofl:

They’re plucked now, as hard as it was to do mentally lol
For giggles I counted, 236.
Crazy that crappy bud had that many viable seeds in it O.O


Anyone got any idea how much the whole “indica vs sativa genes” truly affects their climate tolerance?
For a new outdoor plot I’m preparing,
I’m on the fence trying to decide wether to wait until later this spring when my strawberry cough(more sativa; possibly more heat tolerant) is big enough to take a group of clones from and plant,

Or to just take more Wedding cake clones for the area(more indica, but the mother did great in the greenhouse last summer even though it got like 110° in there lol)

Just can’t decide between using new genes that might be predisposed to be better in this desert climate,
Or genes I already know that probably aren’t “meant” for the climate but somewhat thrived in it anyway :thinking:

It doesn’t, as far as I’m concerned. Unless you’re @Cannabian and you’re running seeds like the tried-and-true OGs from The Real Seed Company. I firmly believe that most seeds out there from most breeders (myself included) are going to be their “best guess” based on genetic lineage or the expressive traits that manifest in their growth patterns and/or bud effect.


Awesome. So maybe the safer bet is likely going with the wedding cake pheno that I already know tolerated my greenhouses climate.
The strawberry cough can be a future momma.

That makes a lot of sense anyway, at least comparing plant genetics to human genetics which may or may not be valid haha; my daughter can be 50% Navajo but get sunburnt in March :grimacing:

Now I just gotta figure out how to ditch these damn fungus gnats :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I’ve been soaking pieces of mosquito dunks in my water for a few weeks now, typically for a day or so before making feedwater, and have stickytraps on each plants coco. They don’t seem to be going away :sob:

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It’s gonna suck because it’s $$$ but it didn’t take long for me to totally ditch my gnats once I used it.

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U could try removing a 1/2 of topsoil to remove the larve and refill with perlite/de mixture so they dont want to come back.

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Sucks it’s pricy but I think I have to bite that bullet, the dunks just ain’t cutting it, not concentrated enough I guess.

Strangely, I’ve been digging through the top layer and can’t seem to find any larvae, yet my stickytraps have lots of the tiny dots on them and I always find a few fliers when I water lately.
I considered DE but since I’m in coco it’s never really dry, I’ve read that DE has to stay dry to work?

Perlite I could def manage to cover the pots with though, do they have trouble digging in it or something?


Welp, looking like a gymnasium or something cuz I had to get out the yoyos again lol.
Was hoping more regular silica and closer light + more trimming in veg would help me avoid this, but I guess it can’t be helped with this particular pheno.
(It’s sister, left half of room, has never needed support).
But this one yields better so I’m not whining too much :sweat_smile:
Gonna order more yoyos with the Gnatrol since they’re always good to have on hand.
On the bright side, buds have bulked up as much as I was expecting :slight_smile:
It’s been almost 7 weeks since flip.
Wondering if I should raise lights a bit to avoid foxtailing, looks to me like the buds closest to lights have a slight heat/lightburn look to them and just like last group are VERY dense at the tops; like almost too dense lol. Last group got slightly dry and crispy on the tops.
Currently lights are at about 18".
Didn’t measure ppfd/DLI cuz phone was dying, will check tomorrow but I bet it’s pretty high,. Like 1500-2000(in middles; the average is likely within range).


Just found another of these little things in my empty water storage tubs again. Got a slightly better pic, still trying to figure it out and finding conflicting info from the junkernet…
Hoping it’s just a springtail and not a thrip, sounds like springtails are less harmful.
But it resembles both lol

What you have is a springtail. The back legs are further toward the butt end. Plus the back legs are even with the last black on their back. A Thrip will have a black streak, not patches.

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Oh yay I was hoping so :slight_smile: just wasn’t 100% cuz they’re so damn tiny it’s hard to tell details, especially comparing to different stages of development for these pests.
From what I’ve read most sites say springtails aren’t very harmful? Although a couple sites did seem to speak of them like they could cause damage.

But I’m guessing IF they’re actually in my coco(so far only found in my empty storage buckets that are never in the growrooms), the Gnatrol will likely kill their larvae too.
Already fighting gnats, don’t need another fight lol

I try to avoid spraying anything on plants since my buds get tested for pesticides so I’d love it if I can manage most issues with non-systemic root drenches and stickytraps etc.

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@Graysin think this stuff is the same as Gnatrol? I can only find Gnatrol on Amazon in a 5 gallon bucket for like 600$ lol
The ingredient part seems similar, about 40% BTI

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Ebay has it @SynysterChris


Not the same. I bought a 1lb bag off eBay.

I wanted to save up $500 and buy a bucket and repackage it for resale :joy::rofl: but me and $500 are not happening right now.


Dammit haha was hoping to save shipping costs since there’s a couple Amazon things I gotta order that are too cheap for free shipping :rofl:
More yoyos mostly :grimacing:
I look at this group every day and think “why the hell is there so many more top colas than their mothers had” and then remember that I topped them like 4 times :upside_down_face:

Oh well, ebay it is haha

Haha that would be tempting!
I did notice the big bucket and did the math and they’re def making some decent profit there :sweat_smile:
Wonder why they’re not doing it on Amazon like the Jacks sellers.

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