Some leaves look slightly wrinkly and serrated edges turned up

Taken from the Skywalker side, can tell the difference in general color haha
Flipped oct 5, so been 7 weeks since flip, Id guess 6ish of actual flower(they transitioned fast, like just a few days to hedgehogging)


SGK, loving their color. Hard to get with the lighting but they’re very Gray and hints of orange.
(Couldn’t get a pic of any of their big colas,. … Can’t reach them without going on a jungle safari :grimacing:
The SGK especially are Dense as hell! The GSCs are bigger plants with more buds, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the yield turns out about equal.


@Graysin what do you think of these? I can’t decide if too much food, too little, natural giving up of leaves in mid/late flower,
And wether or not it has to do with the days I’ve let them go every other day for feeding/watering :thinking:
Not majorly concerned or anything, buds are beautiful and no lack of green solar panels, just trying to figure out if I should be doing something different.
Ppm of runoff is a bit high, going in at 1100-1200 and coming out 1900-2000.
I’ve been watering typically 2 days on 1 day off, part to ease humidity part laziness. Does that lead to buildup in the coco and thus basically extra nutes ironically from giving less lol?

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Water more. Either increase frequency or increase the amount. I’d very likely do both until the PPMs come back down to where they are more aligned with the feed water.

It looks like a potassium problem, maybe magnesium. Those are two of those “related” chems so it might be too much of either or not enough of either or both in either direction.

Have I passed along JR Peter’s updated standard feed mix yet?

Jack’s 321 standard mix aka recommended rate = 3.79/2.5/1

That replaces the 3.6/2.4/1.2 - may also provide more K & Mg without having to make something up on the fly.

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I’ll go back to watering daily. I’d doubt that the amount would be an issue,
I go in there with 8-10 gallons and get 2-3 back

That sounds right, that does resemble a lot of the lower-middle fans and others resemble pics of mag deficient.

News to me,

But I’ve been using the “flower ratio”, 3.8/2.2/1.2

Is there also mag in the part A or something? If not it would seem like the updated one has less than standard, but more cal and N

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Yep, sure is. More micronutrients available in the A, too. So boost of Mg, K and other more subtle nutes.

Aaah. I always wondered what the A was, figured it had to be more complex than just K and P with a bit of N haha

So if I’m already giving 3.8/2.2/1.2,
Should I raise both the A and B?

Oh and, can temps make a plant hurry up and ripen or something??
That Hermie I threw in the greenhouse is starting to look really close to done, while it’s sisters still have weeks in the room haha

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Raise the B, lower the Epsom.

The reason I said it could be Mg or K or both or neither (which is so not helpful) is that demand on both of those is high during flower. If something is being oversupplied that throws off the plant’s ability to absorb the nutrients you are providing, then you’ll see a deficiency where it may not really exist. Verifying pH is proper around 5.8-6.2 (higher in flower is typical), and feeding more frequently should help to mitigate spread.

I read something somewhere about shorter light cycles forcing plants to hurry up and finish. The way our days have been going, I’d bet your greenhouse gal gets less than 12 hours of daylight now. She may be racing toward the finish line to try and be done before the winter sets in proper.

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Will do, I’ll try those updated ratios.
Maybe I’ve been giving too much mg at the flower ratio. I typically don’t measure down to the hundredth of a gram ha, but if anything I’ve been allowing epsom to be marginally higher and cal-nit lower since there was an abundance of N for a while. Maybe the ca/mg ratio thingy got kinda screwy idk.

pH has been I think great,
Typically water at 6.0-6.2, runoff is always 6.2.

Probably won’t know if I “fixed” it as the old leaves won’t repair and they’re probably prettymuch done growing and on to ripening, but a good thing to get in control for the next group Incase this happened earlier or something.

Aaah! That would make sense.
Yeah I’m thinking dawn is probably after 6am, maybe even later in the greenhouse; there’s a rockwall on the east side, and its starting to get dark by 5 something nowadays.
Well good, maybe she’ll actually finish before the cold gets her haha
Actually really surprised she hasn’t reacted negatively to the current level of cold.

I threw her clones in there too but I highly doubt they could survive through January lol
But nothing to lose, so shot in the dark.
Tent was getting full anyway so only real loss was of future spacial headaches.

How’s things going @SynysterChris ?

Mostly I wanted to see how the White Wedding is growing (did she auto on you?) and then I realized it’s been a couple days and thought we should do a wellness check!


:slight_smile: blehhh, more stupid b.s with the paperwork aspect that no amount of reading legislature is helping lol.
They sent an email to all licensees about signing up for another online system, the TAP portal, to pay the excise tax and a gross receipts tax. But it’s got me all confused because when I signed up I had to add my license to it, and it only gave me options to choose retail license and integrated microbusiness, which used to mean dual licenses; like producing + retail etc, so can’t figure out what and how I have to pay once I make transactions, or IF I do…
The tax site stuff directly contradicts itself on the only page they have any info… On the Same page it says that it’s paid by retail and charged to their customers,
But in a different paragraph says all licensees.

So way confused. It wouldn’t make sense to me if I pay the 12% excise on a sale, and then it gets paid again by the retailer after charging it to customers…
But wouldn’t be the first time govnt double-taxed something :upside_down_face:
I emailed both ccd and tax people, hoping Monday they clarify…
Also annoyed by some other b.s I read, apparently at retail level they were supposed to be charging the excise, and then paying the gross receipts tax on the TOTAL,. So paying tax, on a tax that they collected from customers and forwarded to the state.
All because the “legislature doesn’t explicitly say it can’t be taxed that way”. :unamused:
And thats After they had Biotrack design the software to calculate the taxes separately.
So now a lot of them owe because they were under-taxing, and it’s clearly the states fault.
Never thought I’d still hate the government even after legalisation lol.

Graychild is doing good! So far she doesn’t appear to be autoing, has preflowers but I believe the blackberry kush photo of same age does too so she’s probably just mature. Don’t recall her exact birthday, I’ll check at lights on this afternoon.
This was bout a week ago, she’s on the right, wedding cake re-veg middle, blackberry kush left

Blackberry kush has a couple odd looking leaves, but likely from not watering often enough. The mother’s don’t dry out as fast so I’ve been lazy.

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Curiousity was eating me so I had to check haha,
She was germed oct 6 so she’s 7 weeks old. I assume she would have started flowering by about now if she was gonna auto?
And I assume these are just preflowers and not her starting to flower? I’m bad at judging that, so many dif plants have different looking preflowers lol

But yeah she’s a stocky lil girl with Strong branches,
I’ve topped once so far will likely top any branch strong enough to hold up including aux branches, so there’s more possible clones
Slightly rough serrated edges, I assume also from my lack of daily watering cuz sure as heck ain’t heat stress haha it’s 60-65 most days :grimacing:
Probably causing slower growth in whole tent but that’s okay since they’ve still got probably 4 weeks until the flower room is empty.

Oh, also made a cardboard/coat hanger/ducttape drying cabinet haha
Been realizing more and more that drying in my closet isn’t good, too fast, then have to rehydrate, back and forth,. Different groups since I can’t fit or handle in a day all of greenhouse brat,. Etc etc… need a higher quality and less hectic way for when the big flower girls are ready.
So far cabinet is doing good, bout 60° in garage and 50% humidity, and can easily raise it in cabinet when needed. If it works on the test junk(greenhouse junky stuff) will maybe get a big fridge box to handle the real harvest.

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All that is called politics at its finest.
Hate to see you have to go through all that. :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Oh yeah. legalization made me hate them the day it got signed into law. I’m intimately familiar with the bill, and there’s a lot they don’t say.

I’m so curious to see how she progresses.

I germinated a White Wedding but I ended up gifting it away as a seedling.

Maybe. One of my autos took 45 days to start the preflowers. You’re not too far past that.

Heat stress from ambient heat and heat stress from direct heat transfer from the lights are two different kinds of heat stress. It’s still possible she’s unhappy with the lighting but not enough that I’d do anything about it.

Keep any clones you cut, even if she ends up being an auto. Autos can, allegedly, reveg, if given long enough

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Yeah its prettymuch been a 3 day headache of endless reading that gives no real answers that don’t contradict other answers the same pages give. Freaken bull… >_< idk how they expect someone that isn’t a corporation with accountants and lawyers etc to do this when they made such an ambiguous messy system.
They basically sloppily framed a house, realized they forgot to pour the foundation, and kept framing :unamused:

At this point It would even be better if they wouldn’t say anything at all, cuz every freaken line they write contradicts another line they write.

Aaah okay. Well I’ve got around 2-3 weeks until it’s time to take clones for the next veg group,
Think by 9 weeks old if she’s not flowering it would be safe to assume photoperiod?

That is possible especially if it’s a leftover effect; a week or so ago I checked DLI and it was 60 at the lowest and 100 at the highest😅
The 60-70s were on Graychilds side of tent, but still was high. So I dimmed down and raised lights a bit, think they’re around 50 DLI now and the ones that were getting curly aren’t doing it as much now.

Oh crazy! How would you do that? I was under the impression that they’d flower even under 24 hr light

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I think Kronic has revegged autos. His YouTube channel is the Cannabis Kronicals. Derek is a great grower from another site. Some folks know him from there, he’s the guy that pissed off CurrDogg420 and caused a huge exodus of folks from that forum to this one (yours truly included). That site is now pretty quiet except for a few folks who I don’t care for their attitude towards new growers.

So glad to be here, much nicer environment for nubes and experts alike! Advice and opinions are given without being judgmental or aggressive!


They do but like anything, eventually it thinks “ah, the light isn’t over. The cold hasn’t set in. I can do another round!” I would think changing the light cycle to shorter and then longer again might encourage a reveg. Haven’t had the opportunity to test the theory yet but I have an auto about to be on the chopping block in a month or so, and I’ll be taking her to 12/12 and then back to 18/6 to try and reveg it. I bet it takes ages.


I’ll check out his channel, sounds interesting!

Agree 100%, when I google plant issues and such and find stuff I wanna read on other forums, sometimes there’s some decent info to consider but even then I always notice a difference in people’s attitudes… so much more rudeness and people arguing and calling eachother wrong etc, Im way grateful and lucky that I found this place before stupidly joining somewhere else! :slight_smile:

Lemme know how that one goes! I might wanna try it eventually too if I have the space in the tent(or get another tent set up lol, which I will if I can ever figure out this tax crap, get lucky enough to not mess up harvesting drying and curing the overwhelming flower group, And manage to get a paycheck from it haha)
Would be the best option for the Graychild if she does decide to auto in next few weeks. If that’s the case, Once she’s done could harvest, put her in a corner of flower room for a bit, then back into veg tent and see what comes of it.

That’s probably exactly what I’d do. Leave some lower larfy stuff and take the rest.

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Sounds like a good backup plan if she does auto.
If she doesn’t auto, she’s a good contender in the contest to be the mother of next veg gen…
I’m on the fence with all 3; her, the ILGM blackberry kush, and the wedding cake re-veg.
They’ve all got got their bonuses and drawbacks/unknowns haha.
Graychild and blackberry Kush’s drawback is I haven’t flowered either so no telling how they’ll turn out, what conditions they’ll be good with, bud quality+yield etc,
The wedding cake I already flowered and the bud is lovely… relaxing, potent, and it yielded great for a small plant that I don’t believe vegged for long once it got going… Drawback is it was a small plant and I didn’t keep track of how long it vegged,
So it’s unknown if it was for lack of uppotting sooner and having a short veg period, or if it’s just a very small pheno… So would be risking taking X amount of clones and possibly not using my canopy space as well as I could.
But guess that’s kind of an unknown with either 3.
So idk lol.
I hope someday I have a tent with a collection of mother’s that I’ve already recorded the stats of their clone groups so I can better plan for this stuff and get a better handle on how long to veg each strain and best training etc.

Would be hella nice to not constantly have 6 problems to figure out :joy: