Some Kind of Sick Joke..?

So… to start with (in the US) google almost any state and cash crop, and marijuana should be up there, if not #1.

therefor, marijuana more or less equals money… Growing from Alaska (legal as of Feb. 26th), and they said OK to medical marijuana like 9 years ago… but even the disabled can’t get seeds in a state where marijuana is the #1 cash crop… They can get morphine, but you need to pay $25 for a card from the state, to have and use (but not obtain in any way) marijuana… it has to show-up like magic- no other way is legal.

The people voted that pot is just as safe as beer… but somebody wants to make sure the only legal way to get it is by magic… Would that be because of what would happen to profits when more growers are added to the mix…?

Do you think if every voter knew a way to get seeds it might force them to play fair…?


I think you should research Alsaka state laws a bit further. Go to NORML
Business people and regular people grow MMJ in Alaska with little or no worries.


I’m guessing that you think in the last 9 years we voted medical MMJ legal, there might be a place in the state a person could trash their morphine to get any form of MMJ… Even after you found a doctor willing, and is able to sign a form, that you need signed with witnesses also signing along with the $25 and photo copies of all your parers, first try ($20 every time after that, I was too insulted to check how long a card is good for)… and if anything is out of order- you only have to wait 6 months for another try.

Or just stick with the morphine.

Anchorage news paper on the web

Anchorage police served a search warrant on the Alaska Cannabis Club’s downtown clubhouse on Friday afternoon, taking boxes of evidence from the residence as club owner Charlo Greene watched.

Police arrived around 1 p.m., Greene said. Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, is a former television news reporter who achieved national notoriety in September when she quit on-air after announcing she was the owner of the club.

According to Greene, there were nine marijuana plants in one duplex and 14 in another. Five medical-marijuana cardholders live at the residence, Greene said. She said 10 to 12 medical marijuana cardholders were in the residence when the search warrant was served.

An officer on scene confirmed no arrests were being made Friday afternoon.

At 3:10 p.m., police began to load evidence in paper bags and cardboard boxes into a white van from the back door of the clubhouse. At about 3:15 p.m., a red pickup and black Jeep were towed away from the house.

Greene and boyfriend, Peter LoMonaco, watched as the vehicles were towed away.

“Research Alaska state laws”, or “follow the money”… #1 cash crop… or 9 years and the sick and dying still have no legal way to get MMJ in any form… Hmm.

Growers are the only way… and the business people and rerular people that grow MMJ in Alaska seem to have dropped the ball- might even prefer if the ball staid lost.

Searching for any sign of growers willing to share even sliver of profit- #1 cash crop… should be a done deal if things are as you seem to want to believe… Seed Bank Alaska, right…?

If this post reads as angry… it’s not at anybody using this site.

I refuse to get sucked into politics. I am grow mentor. Politics ruin high quality mentoring sites.

We do not need conflict here at ILGM. Life is life, and we have no control over it.

There is no need to stress over issues that we have no control; ove! :smile: