Some initial success!


I planted a WW auto Fem in Rockwool 4 days ago. Today , this morning the seedling showed itself with the top hanging down. I put it under florescent light 2-3 inches. (never knew that under cabinet lighting would come in handy) Now at the end of the day the top is upright and showing a little sign of the next set of leaves.

This plant is headed outside. Should I leave the florescent on 24 hrs for now or shut it down overnight? I have it under dome for now. PH water spray, no Nut’s.

I was getting impatient so 2 days ago I put another WW auto fem in 6.0 ph water. It cracked yesterday and a tap root began today. It is now in paper towel mode.

Do I put the rockwool and the paper towel seedling right into 5 gal coco pails outside in a week or 2 or go to beer cups for a while?
Thanks for all the help.

I would leave it indoors for a minimum of two weeks and then gradually Introduce to the sun by putting it in the shade for a few days Then work your way up to as much sun as you want


Should I go to beer cups in the mean time or right to 5 gal coco?

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really up to you I say put them in their forever home so you don’t have to transplant.

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I decided to put in forever home

That is what I was thinking from all I learned here. Thought I was going to have one plant for my first. Now looks like it might be 2, and my wife wants to claim one.

The paper towl one should go in rockwool or a cup for the 2 weeks I imagine?

I may have just answered my own question.

What about light? All night or off till morning?

The first week 24 hrs is good then you can go 18/6 till you move them outside