Some info needed on LED

Question from a fellow grower:

I wish to ask you a question? Number one, for some reason I’m having difficulty getting on (the forum). So I will go this route asking you a question, until I figure out why I can’t. When germenating a seed at the very beginning, what would be the light difference with an LED light??? IN all honesty, I’m giving it plenty of light, (21 on and 3 hours off and I wish to know if that’s too much? Should I lessen the hours on? So far it’s only been a few days and it hasn’t been seen yet. I have (Black Widow) and I believe it said that it could take 10 days to start arriving??? Is that true??

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Think a lot of people germinate different ways.

A sure fire method to germinate is:

Get a paper towel wet then squeeze out any excess water.

Lay the paper towel out flat (double layered) and set seeds inside the paper towel

Fold the paper towel in half to cover the seeds from both sides.

Place the paper towel inside a ziplock bag and seal the bag while removing as much air inside the bag as possible (all of it if possible)

Place in cool dry area and check for root sprout every day.

Once root is sprouted place in soil root side facing down.

Light should be weak to not burn the fragile plant or dry out your soil. 50-100w is plenty of light for an led

Also some people soak seeds in just water for a few hours - a day before placing into the paper towel method


I soak mine for 24 hours in water then straight to soil, 1/4 inch deep then lightly cover with soil

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I let mine sit in water usually 18 hours then transfer to damp toilet paper up to 48 hours. Then straight into my grow buckets permanent home till harvest.

That is all and I do my seeds in my bathroom and so they are under 0 light during the 72 hour process.

Seeds don’t need light, Infact they need darkness.
Your giving them to much light.

Ideally you soak your seeds for 24hr and do either the paper towel method or I prefer the boiling water into a jiffy starter dome with pucks, once it’s cooled to warm add seed just under the dirt level.

Keep Temps between 19-22c
Let it sit in the dark or mostly dark until they pop and a proud once they sprout give them 18 on 6 off until they have grown up a little bit.
If they are autos then you can give them more light but if they are photo regular seeds keep to 18hr max


What about a 22W/LED/HID/5000K/ light… would this be adequate light for seedling?

You don’t need any light to get the seed with a tap root as Nicky already posted. Only time the light is needed is when it’s in the soil in your grow tent. It’s that simple.

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Sorry should have been specified. Am going to but them in soil today and was asking if this light would be strong enough or should I just use a MH?

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@Firsttimmer No idea as I put my seed with a tap root straight into the 5 gallon bucket. Then into the grow tent. I keep it simple.

@Firsttimmer yes that light will be good for a seedling for a few weeks, I started my plant off under a couple of small LED lights rated 20W each.