Some hydro advise needed

Question from a fellow grower:

Currently, I have 2 plants set up as hydroponics and I have a 600 watt light set up. With my fan going the temp stays around 28 degrees Celsius. My plants are 2 weeks in since I got them as clones. Would it make much of a difference to bring in a 2nd 600 watt light if I could still maintain this temperature?


A lot of questions to be ask before a safe answer is agreed. What kind of 600w light? How much grow space? Have the clones got healthy roots? What type of plant? Blue light spectrum promotes root growth, Red is for flower. Grow lights differ. LED will be cooler and cheaper to run, heat shouldn’t be a issue. They still haven’t made a light thats brighter than the sun, Weed likes sun. Trying to cram to much light into a small space is a waste. 600w is not unreasonable, per plant. but do some more research. Cat