Some help wanted for a newbie

A question from a fellow grower:

I germinated 2 of my super skunk fem seeds. perfect, 12 hours first one
popped 24 hours second had popped. put in rockwool ph,d of course grew in
a small DWC with hydroton in 2 inch net pot perfect they did great .

roots were long and white and healthy under cfls. moved to 5 gallon
buckets standalones with a top feed and air pump. used GH flora trio
with rapid root and later on flouralicious. kept in veg for 50 days, no
training other than LST. they got big still under cfls 6 42 watt bulbs
actual watts.

after the 50 days they were switched to 12 and 12 from 24
hours a day they were in a 4x4x7 tent at 12 and 12 switched to a HPS

they are now in 32 days of 12 and 12 and they seem to be 2 types
of genom: one has more wispy white hairs other has shorter white hairs
and buds are fatter on that one but it also has some what could be

in alot of the flowers there
yellowish green and small is this something else Mabry false seed pods
are little leaves are they manners probably

just wondering if super skunk has anything like this? normally the other plant has lots of trics
even on sugar leaves and it has false I hope false seed pods the one
with the possible manners is just starting to show the begining of false
seed pods I think did I mention I’m a newby to growing I do it I had to
even mention it it’s pretty obvious

I don’t understand what you mean by “it also has some what could be manners”. Do you mean “nanners”, or bananners/bannanas, as in hermi flowers?

They may be seed pods, or you might be describing hermaphrodite flowers.

I don’t know if superskunk is more prone to developing hermaphrodite flowers, some sativas and ruderalis do have higher chances of developing hermaphrodite flowers.